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EGI provides support to users and operators through a distributed helpdesk with central coordination (GGUS). The central helpdesk provides a single interface for support. The central system is interfaced to a variety of other ticketing systems at the NGI level in order to allow a bi-directional exchange of tickets.

Technical description

The GGUS system is divided into three environments: development, test and production environment. Every environment includes three layers:


This activity is responsible for the coordination of the system operation and upgrade activities with those partners that are in charge of operating other systems that depend on it. Coordination with user communities, technology providers and operators is provided by dedicated Advisory Board meetings.


Service operations Daily running of the system Support Unit maintenance Provisioning of a high availability configuration


This activity includes:


Support is provided through the EGI helpdesk itself to users and operators of helpdesk systems integrated with GGUS about bugs and incidents affecting the GGUS system itself to the operators of integrated (or to be integrated) helpdesks about GGUS interfaces and testing activities to users of GGUS about the functionality provided by GGUS Support hours: eight hours a day , Monday to Friday – excluding public holidays of the hosting organization.

Service level targets


Bids planning a total effort between 6 and 10 Person Months/year would allow these services and activities to be addressed appropriately.

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