1st SPEED VT meeting

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First teleconference of the Speech Processing EGI Virtual Team project

Date and time: 23.4. 2012 at 11:00


  • EGI: Gergely Sipos
  • UI SAV (Slovakia): Ladislav Hluchý, Milan Rusko, Jolana Sebestyenová, Peter Kurdel, Marian Trnka, Marian Ritomský
  • TU Košice (Slovakia): Jozef Juhár, Matúš Pleva
  • IDIAP (Switzerland): Milos Cernak
  • CSC (Finland): Ville Savolainen

Claire Devereux (STFC RAL, NGI Manager, Great Britain) was not able to take part in the EVO call because of a medical appointment.


  1. Greeting and introduction (Ladislav Hluchý)
  2. Speech on the Grid project presentation (Milan Rusko)
  3. Reactions of Gergely Sipos
  4. Reactions of Ville Savolainen
  5. Reactions of Milos Cernak
  6. Reactions of Jozef Juhar
  7. Conclusion (Ladislav Hluchý)

Notes and follow-up discussions of the telcon: File:1st SPEED telecon.pdf