VT Federated Identity Providers Assessment 12/12/2011 - Kick-off meeting

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  • Daniel Kouřil
  • Michal Procházka
  • David O'Callaghan
  • Genevieve Romier
  • Simon Leinen
  • Placi Flury
  • Simon Leinen
  • Marco Bencivenni
  • Enrico Fattibene
  • Gergely Sipos


  • TCS - service which provides X.509 certificates issued by the CA which is accredited by the IGTF, thus these certificates can be used in the EGI infrastructure. User doesn't need to personally visit RA, the certificate is issued using web browser and federated identity authentication.
  • Create a survey on the status of TCS in covered NGIs.
    • Prepare set of questions on the wiki which will cover at least this areas:
      • List of alternative technologies to the TCS provided by the NGI/NREN
      • Readiness of each NGI for the TCS.
      • Who can get the TCS certificate?
      • How can new research institution join the federation and TCS service?
      • Which research institutions can/can't get the access to the TCS?
      • Who and how is paying the TCS service (NREN/institution/NGI)?
  • Each participant must finish the questionnaire till end of the January.
  • Finished questionnaire can be circulated by an email to the security officer of the other NGIs, which are not part of this VT.
  • eduGAIN is "federation of the federations", it doesn't provide any services.
  • A list of questions/requirements how to utilize identity federations in grids - people are encouraged to contribute ideas to the wiki. The task will be addressed only after the TCS assessment, though.