WI01 ROD certification ticket handling

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* Get e-mail address to new ROD from Parent ticket if not there then re-assign the ticket to parent ROC asking for completing the data...
* Set operational-documentation-ngi-manuals@egi.eu as involved in the ticket. This is for OD management.
* Send an e-mail to new ROD highlighting the following:
   * this is new ROD team certification procedure
   * they should confirm they are aware of their duties which are described in Operations Manual - ROD section (link)
   * inform their e-mail address will be subscribed to all-operator-on-duty mailing list
* Set the e-mail "reply-to" to manager-central-operator-on-duty@mailman.egi.eu
* Wait for reply and Copy-paste reply to GGUS ticket (do not wait for new ROD SU in GGUS - wasting time)
* Register new ROD team to all-operator-on-duty mailing list
* Wait for confirmation from Vera (if not already in the ticket)
* OD: putg an acknowledgement that you'll update Ops. Man. in ticket.
* Close the GGUS ticket