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EGI Infrastructure Operations Oversight menu: Home Operations Team Regional Operators (ROD) 

Work instruction to handle new ROD certification GGUS tickets

The purpose of this page is to provide detailed instruction that specify exactly what steps to follow to carry out this activity.


Step Action
1 Get the e-mail address (mailing list) for the new ROD from the parent ticket. If it is not on the parent ticket then re-assign the ticket to the parent ROC asking them to complete the data.
2 Send an e-mail to the new ROD
  • Set the e-mail "CC and reply-to" to
Subject: XXX ROD team certification

Dear XXX ROD team,
Your XXX NGI is currently being established and one of the steps is
the certification of the new Regional Operator on Duty (ROD) team.

Before you confirm below statements please propagate the following page to all 
of your ROD team members:

In order to get your ROD team certified the person replying to this
e-mail should confirm the following:
a) she/he represents the XXX ROD team (this can be done by any member of the ROD team)

b) that the ROD team knows the duties and is familiar with information on the ROD wiki page:
In particular with Manuals and procedures section:

Once you have confirmed the above, the XXX ROD e-mail address will be added to 
the EGI Operational Documentation and subscribed to the all-operator-on-duty at 
mailing list, which is an official communication channel for all certified ROD teams.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Central Operator on Duty team 
(central-operator-on-duty AT which is willing to help you.

On behalf of Operations and e-Infrastructure Oversight
and the Central Operator on Duty (COD),

Put an information into the ticket that mail was send.

3 When reply received Copy-paste the reply to the GGUS ticket
4 Register the new ROD team to the all-operator-on-duty mailing list

Put an information into the ticket that ROD mailing list was ad to all-operators maillig list.

5 If all steps completed: Close the GGUS ticket