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VT VAPOR:VAPOR features priorities

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Which VAPOR functionalities interest VAPOR partners?

Priorities in terms of development are assigned to the features, in order to reflect their importance as discussed with partner VOs.

Chapter VAPOR WeNMR CompCHem France Grille VO biomed Development Priority
2 VO Users Management
2.1 Users database and users life cycle management no need no need need need 3
2.3 Users mailing list sync/export no need need need would like 4
3 VO Operations Management for support teams
3.2.2 Advertise Critical Services Downtimes no need would like no need would like
3.2.2 Report GOCDB and BDII status no need no need no need need 1.5 (deemed useful for other VOs, discussed with Gergely Sipos)
3.2.3 Monitor resources availability, CEs white list need need no need need 1
3.3 Remove old files, SEs filling up need need need need 2
3.3.4 Consistency between LFC & SEs would like would like need need 2
4 Community Accounting
Not discussed yet