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General Project Information

  • Leader:
  • Mailing List:
  • Meetings: link to Indico container
  • Status: Not started/In progress/on hold/cancelled/complete
  • Start Date:
  • Duration:
  • Customer: ie, who is asking/receiving the deliverables


The introduction should explain what the issue/problem that needs to be addressed is, the background to the project, the motivation as to why something is being done about it. Go on to explain any other relevant points, including the project mandate - who has directed the formation of the project, what has been defined as the project objective. Who is the project leader/manager, who are the stake holders (this is vitally important as you need to be clear on what it is that is expected of you), who are the recipients of the project output and when is this required by. Describe the formation of the project team (how why and where), the allotted resources (time, people, stuff, money etc). There could be a number of sub paras. You should also make clear that the scope of the task is realistic and that you can achieve it – as such, complete this introduction at the start of the project and re-check it periodically as you progress.


This section should be short – it will be limited to stating exactly what the objectives of the project are to be. Ideally it will be aligned which the outcome of the project though frequently the results of a project differ significantly from what was originally intended (and that is not necessarily a bad thing). But a good project will set out with a clear idea of what it is that someone wants the project team to achieve. Note that there may be an ultimate Aim or Goal which is important to know and understand but may not be the aim of this project (eg a study to identify a cause of a disease may be a full project but the ultimate goal is to develop a cure or a prevention). If there is a series of specific deliverables, these can be detailed later.


List and describe the specific tasks with target dates for completion.


  • Deliverable 1 description and target date
  • Deliverable 2 description


  • Member 1 Name and Role in team
  • Member 2 Name and Role in team
  • Stake holder 1 and reason for interest
  • Stake holder 1 and reason for interest

Emerging Information

if relevant - may change the nature and objectives of the project


How is the Project Team to be resourced and how will members work? How much effort will be required from each individual, how will this effort impact contributing organisations? – do not confuse VT participants with stakeholders. VT participants do work for the project – others don’t have to do any work for the project. How will your funds be consumed?

Progress Reporting

How will you measure your progress and how will you report this? To whom? The objective here is to assure others that your project is on track, but if there are problems then this is the path to getting help and more resources (time, funding, effort).

The Project Leader will provide a short emailed progress report on a weekly basis. The report will be due by 17:00 on Fridays and is to contain details of: ● Work achieved that week ● Work planned for next week ● Progress against the goals in the project plan ● Issues that the virtual team leader needs help with (e.g. non-responsive partners, more resources, support from teams, etc.)

The Team project manager will also provide a more comprehensive input for the EGI InSPIRE quarterly reporting.