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{{VirtualTeamProject |
VTP_Leader = Sergio Andreozzi, EGI.eu |
VTP_ML = vt-egi-compendium@mailman.egi.eu |
VTP_Status = active |
VTP_StartDate = 05/12/2011|
VTP_EndDate = 30/04/2011|
VTP_Meetings = [[VT_EGI_Compendium_Meetings| see dedicated page]]
VTP_Motivation =  EGI is based on a partnership among NGIs/EIROs that are organisation evolving independently. We need a structured collection of information describing NGIs/EIROs and their relationships to the user communities to help EGI.eu and EGI as a whole to:
* increase transparency
* improve clarity among the partners to better support better strategic planning
* provide an essential body of information for the various stakeholders
VTP_Output =
The expected outputs of this project are:
* Scope and structure of the Compendium
* Definition of the functionality of the tool enabling the stakeholders to update the information anytime
The implementation of the tool and the collection of the information with the related analysis may be assigned to follow-up projects
VTP_Tasks = 
* Agree and define a set of standardised information
* Define the tools necessary to collect/publish the data
* Define how to present the data online
* Perform the first iteration of information gathering from the NGIs/EIROs
* Publish Compendium, collect feedback and refine
* Discuss the idea of producing an annual report
([[VT_EGI_Compendium_Tasks|see dedicated page]])
VTP_Team =
* Sergio Andreozzi, EGI.eu
* Damir Marinovic, EGI.eu
* Sy Holsinger, EGI.eu
VTP_Resources =
* [[VT_EGI_Compendium_Draft| EGI Compendium Structure - Draft]]
* TERENA Compendium: http://www.terena.org/activities/compendium/
* EGI DS KB: http://knowledge.eu-egi.eu/knowledge/index.php/Main_Page
* e-IRG KB: http://www.e-irg.eu/knowledge-base.html
[https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/Virtual_Team_Projects Return to VT Projects]
[https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/Virtual_Team_Projects Return to VT Projects]

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