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Proposed policy amendment for the Grid AUP

Proposal in the "policy" sheet of this document, to be added to Grid AUP, users accept them through VOMS membership process

  • Acknowledgment of EGI and Resources Used: Acknowledgment of support from EGI/NGIs should appear in the publication of any material (whether copyrighted or not) that is based on or developed wholly or partially with EGI/NGIs resources. Papers, presentations, and other publications that feature work that relied on EGI/NGIs resources, services or expertise should include the following acknowledgement: "This work used the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI)." or "This work used the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) through the National Grid Infrastructures (NGIs) from the following countries: COUNTRY1, COUNTRY2, ... ." or "This work used the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) through the following National Grid Infrastructures (NGIs): NGI-XX, NGI-YY."
  • Scientific publications: If you are an author of a peer-reviewed scientific publication that relied on EGI resources, services or expertise you must ensure that they are deposited in the EGI Scientific Publications repository (pub.egi.eu) within three months of publication