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VT Scientific Publications Repository Implementation Meetings/2013-07-11

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VT Scientific Publications Repository Implementation Tasks Meetings & Actions Resources

Meeting 08 July 2013 - 11:00-12:00 CEST


  1. Actions review
  2. Update from EGI
  3. Update from OpenAIRE - Mining Team
  4. Update from OpenAIRE - Data Model Team
  5. Update from OpenAIRE - User Interface Team
  6. AOB


  1. Sergio Andreozzi,
  2. Burcu Ortakaya, NGI TR
  3. Harry Dimitropoulos, NKUA
  4. Elefterios Stamatogiannakis, NKUA
  5. Ioannis Foufoulas, NKUA
  6. Sara Coelho,
  7. Paolo Manghi, CNR


  1. Genevieve Romier, NGI-FR
  2. Wilhelm Bühler, NGI-DE
  3. Catherine Gater,
  4. Najla Rettberg, UniGoettingen
  5. Natalia Manola, NKUA
  6. Antonis Lempesis, NKUA



  • added new rules in the acknowledgment section, some coming from Sara's experience, some name of NGIs that are unique to Grid; Sergio also sent an email to NGI contacts to understand if they have recommended acknowledgments statements, two NGIs answered (IT and NL), one said that it will provide input (Turkey)
  • Sara reviewed the WoS results, there are no false positive
  • Outcome from EGI-InSPIRE review was good, no particular mention to the slides about OpenAIRE collaboration, waiting for written feedback to see if there will be specific reference


  • the review was positive, the reviewers liked the case being developed with EGI
Mining Team
  • no particular advancement due to review preparation, will follow up with expanding the rules for EGI and run them also on a different data source from WoS
Data Model
  • no reps at the call
User Interface
  • Sergio raised the following case: given a community with context (e.g., EGI, context NGI), an NGI may have other activities which generate results not directly linked to EGI, so they would like to appear as community as well (e.g., CERN; Sergio was wondering what does happen for publications that are tagged in the NGI context, would they appear if the organisation is elected as community? Paolo explained that there are two main aspects to be considered: 1) authentication for claiming, each community will have its own user domains, what is needed is that a user should be able to below to many communities and for each of them being able to claim; concerning the tagging, at the moment it is not foreseen that a publication tagged as CERN in the EGI/NGI context would automatically appear in the CERN as community; the user should claim twice or rules should be replicated; this may be improved in the future when use cases are more clear.
  • Mentioned also initiatives about global researcher ID (e.g.


  • EGI Technical Forum, there will be a session about "Evaluating the scientific impact of e-Infrastructures"; discussed OpenAIRE attendance with Paolo; Paolo can make it with a day trip; initial ideas for agenda:
    • S. Andreozzi: Motivation, approach
    • P. Manghi: mining (approach and results), web interface (mock-up), generalised solution that can be offered to other communities
    • Discussion

New Actions

  • Action: (Harry) add new rules and re-run, provide results
  • Action: (Sara) evaluate results from Arxiv
  • Action: (Sergio/Paolo) finalise participation

Next Meeting

24.Jul 11:00 CEST