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VT Scientific Publications Repository Current Practices

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Collect Best Practices

This is a list of questions to document best practices from established processes to collect scientific publications thanks to the use of e-infrastructures

  • Scope: identify the scope of collecting publications (infrastructure, geographical boundaries, communities)
  • What information is collected
    • describe the schema and collect also values for the enumerations, e.g., list of disciplines, type of publications)
    • describe if you distinguish between conference paper vs. journals or science based on the infrastructure vs. engineering of the infrastructure
  • Do you collect the impact factor? If so, how? (researcher add it, link to a database of impact factors e.g.,
  • How do researchers know that they need to provide the information?
  • How do researchers provide the information? (the tool they use)
  • How do researchers describe the use of the infrastructures in the publication? (provide guidelines)
  • What are the obligations for researchers? Where are they defined? How do the researchers accept them?
  • When do researchers provide the data? (e.g., yearly base, as soon as they publish)
  • Limitations/difficulties of the current process
  • Success stories of the current process
  • How many publications are already collected and since when
  • How the information is used