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VTP_ML = vt-scientific-publications-repository@mailman.egi.eu |
VTP_ML = vt-scientific-publications-repository@mailman.egi.eu |
VTP_Status = proposed |
VTP_Status = proposed |
VTP_StartDate =  XX/06/2012|
VTP_StartDate =  20/06/2012|
VTP_EndDate = XX/XX/2012|  
VTP_EndDate = XX/XX/2012|  
VTP_Meetings = [[VT_Scientific_Publications_Repository_Meetings| see dedicated page]]
VTP_Meetings = [[VT_Scientific_Publications_Repository_Meetings| see dedicated page]]

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VT Scientific Publications Repository: VT Scientific Publications Repository Tasks Meetings & Actions

General Project Information

  • Leader: Sergio Andreozzi, EGI.eu
  • Mailing List: vt-scientific-publications-repository@mailman.egi.eu
  • Status: proposed
  • Start Date: 20/06/2012
  • End Date: XX/XX/2012
  • Meetings: see dedicated page


The ultimate goal of EGI is to support researchers in achieving faster, better and newer scientific results. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to track all the scientific publications that have been possible thanks to EGI in order to demonstrate its real impact. Tracking the scientific outputs based on EGI has been always difficult because of the geographically dispersed communities that use the infrastructure and the lack of well-defined processes and tools. The goal of this virtual team project is to mitigate this issue by setting up tools and processes that enable the accurate tracking of scientific publications via the National Grid Infrastructures (NGIs) or Virtual Organisations (VOs).


The expected output of this project is:

  • An implementation plan for putting processes and tools in place that efficiently and effectively track scientific publications relating to EGI


  • Analyse existing tools and processes (e.g. EGI Metric Portal, OpenAire project and the EGI Compendium)
  • Define a process for tracking scientific publications that are based on EGI (From NGIs and from VOs)
  • Define the information that needs to be tracked in order to identify the publications
  • Analyse the technical functionalities needed by a tool to collect scientific publications

(see dedicated page)