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AppDB Implementation Plan

Phase A:

  • Extend the current AppDB REST API, in order to provide two additional resources related to the scientific classification.
  • GET classification/versions: a list of high-level metadata for each scientific classification version that exists in the system.
  • GET classification/version/:id: the full metadata of a specific (:id) scientific classification version •
  • Modify the backend system (database) in order to be able to handle multiple versions of the scientific classification structure.
  • Responses should be available in both XML (default) and JSON representation.

Phase B (on the first available timeslot after phase A):

  • A read-only, tree-like, user-interface (UI), capable of displaying the scientific classification versions of at any state ('stable', 'under-level' and 'archived')
  • The UI will be accessible via the EGI AppDB portal.

Phase C ('if requested explicitly):

  • The UI developed under phase B could be extended in order to offer write capabilities.

Phase D (if requested explicitly):

  • A new resource 'GET classification/diffs/:id/:id' could be implemented. This resource will return the differences between two scientific classification versions

Virtual Team Actions




  • 00/01 - All: Review background material produced in preparation for VT (https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/Scientific_Disciplines / http://go.egi.eu/lbhrc)
  • 01/01 - EGI.eu: Identify someone from the Accounting Portal to join the VT.
  • 01/02 - JT: Circulate classification list used in Lithuania.
  • 01/03 - SH: Review LT classification and include in Google Spreadsheet.
  • 01/04 - Tool Managers: Provide a preliminary assessment of the technical steps that would need to be taken for and impact of implementing a new classification and level of preferred/required detail.
  • 01/05 - All: Review and comment on proposed Frascati classification.
  • 02/01 - SH/GB: Provide a preliminary mapping for review.
  • 02/02 - MC: Send a list of sub-disciplines used in AppDB via mailing list.
  • 02/03 - ID/AS: Provide preliminary assessment of Accounting Portal via mailing list (To be provided within the Final Report - See Action 03/07)
  • 02/04 - CO: Provide preliminary assessment of Operations Portal via mailing list (To be provided within the Final Report - See Action 03/07)
  • 02/05 - VT Members: Provide initial feedback to the Final Report ToC. (New action to complete allocated sections - See Action 03/07)
  • 03/01 - GB: Complete manual mapping of CRM entries to new classification (closed action - to be done during implementation phase)
  • 03/02 - SH: Separate Ops Portal and AppDB1 mapping in Spreadsheet
  • 03/03 - MC: Articulate AppDB issues and recommendations as part of allocated section in Final Report
  • 03/04 - VT Members: Provide a list of disciplines that are “Interdisciplinary”
  • 03/05 - SH: Input list of VOs in spreadsheet and provide first mapping
  • 03/06 - MF: Provide feedback to VO classification
  • 03/07 - SH: Prepare message for VO managers and circulate via mailing list (See Action 05/02)
  • 03/08 - VT Members: Provide contributions to allocated sections of Final Report by 22 Feb (Closed action as individual ones created)
  • 04/01 - JT: Review Level 3 and suggest modifications
  • 04/02 - GB: Send contribution for CRM by 27 Feb
  • 04/03 - CD: Send contribution for TMP by 27 Feb
  • 04/04 - ID: Send contribution for AP by 27 Feb
  • 04/05 - SH/CO: Follow-up for OP contribution
  • 04/06 - MC: Provide recommendation how classification could be centrally hosted and used
  • 04/07 - SH: Integrate comments and circulate revised version of final report before next call
  • 05/01 - GR: Contact Tristan from Life Sciences for early feedback regarding the classification
  • 05/02 - SH: Create two messages for feedback: One for VO managers and one for NILs
  • 05/03 - SH: Add proposed classification to VT wiki page
  • 05/04 - SH: Add processes and procedures for maintaining and updating the classification including ownership
  • 05/05 - CD: Review final version of the final report
  • 07/01 - SH: Add reference to Frascati FOS and Wikipedia on the classification wikipage.
  • 07/02 - SH: Remove all “s”s for “science” in the classification
  • 07/03 - SH: Add extra info for Artificial Intelligence in ( ).
  • 07/04 - SH: Shorten 4.4.4 and 4.4.5.
  • 07/05 - SH: Put info in ( ) in italics and add a note.
  • 07/06 - Tool Managers: Provide a statement regarding the availability of effort in PY4 to implement the classification and level of priority.
  • 07/07 - SH: Make final changes to report and circulate to EGI Management (https://documents.egi.eu/document/1514).