VT Inter-Usage Report, part I

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This page provides information about the Virtual Team "Inter NGI Usage Report" aimed at providing a template for a regular (annual?) giving an overview of the usage of the EGI infrastructure.

General Project Information

  • Leader: Torsten Antoni, NGI-DE/KIT
  • Mailing List: Still to be setup: vt-egi-usage-report@mailman.egi.eu
  • Status: Active
  • Start Date: 10/Nov/2011
  • End Date: Expected to finish before the end of February 2012
  • Meetings:


Providing a regular (annual?) report giving an overview of the usage of the EGI infrastructure, which could be used for promotional and mamagerial purposes


The expected output of this project is a template for the report. this will enable a check if all the information that is needed for such a reoprt is readily available or if some effort has to be put into providing this information.


  • Provide input for the report template (all members)
  • Provide named individuals working on this(all members)
  • Consolidate the input (team leader)
  • Trigger checking of information availbility (team leader)


  • NGIs: DE(Torsten Antoni), CH, HR, ES, LT, GR, IT


  • This wiki page for content collection


  • Task 1
  • Task 2
  • ...
  • Task N

Content Collection

  • Collection of questions that this report should answer:

Please add your questions below: