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{{VirtualTeamProject |  
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VTP_Leader = Gergely Sipos, EGI.eu |
VTP_Leader = Gergely Sipos, EGI.eu |
VTP_ML = vt-egi-intelligence-collection@mailman.egi.eu |
VTP_ML = vt-egi-intelligence-collection@mailman.egi.eu |

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General Project Information

  • Leader: Gergely Sipos, EGI.eu
  • Mailing List: vt-egi-intelligence-collection@mailman.egi.eu
  • Status: Active
  • Start Date: 10/Nov/2011
  • End Date: When output is reached
  • Meetings: Minutes of first meeting


We need a process to capture and analyse conversations that NGIs have with scientific communities. These processes could help EGI to

  • know who we (as a community) talk to
  • see the big picture of collaborations between NGIs and scientific communities
  • identify commonalities and faciliate the reuse of best practices.

The participants of this VT will act as the guinea pigs to develop and test this data gathering process and then act as the reviewers to improve the process based on their own experience of using it. The refined process will then be circulated to all of the NILs in order to complete the data gathering exercise across EGI.


The output of this project are processes which can be communicated to EGI staff (NGI & EGI.eu) so that when they talk to user communities (informally or at meetings) they know how to record the conversation with these communities for EGI so that a European wide picture of activity and prospects can be built up. The processes are implemented within a EGI Client Relationship Management (CRM) system and are documented in the EGI CRM user manual. One specific domain where NGIs and EGI.eu staff is encouraged to use these processes is gathering and recording information about ESFRI projects. These projects, as well as their institutional contacts in the various countries are available within the CRM.


The output of the project has been achieved by the following tasks:

  1. Define what we (an an NGI, or as a community) would like to know about the conversations of NGIs and scientific communities? --> NGI_community_interactions
  2. Formalise requirements for Ibergrid, operator of the EGI CRM system
  3. Review the CRM service, provide feedback to Ibergrid
  4. Document the processes in a manual


  • The process should be flexible enough so it can be used in various interview and conversation situations;
  • The process should be simple enough so it does not cause an overhead for interviewers;
  • The process should result information that can be processed later.


  • EGI.eu:
    • Gergely Sipos
  • NGIs - confirmed:
    • Finland: Vera Hansper
    • France: Genevieve Romier
    • Germany: Torsten Antoni
    • Hungary: Szabolcs Hernath, Robert Lovas, Agnes Szeberenyi
    • Lithuania: Jelena Tamuliene
    • Netherlands: Tom Visser
    • Poland: Mariusz Sterzel
    • Portugal: Goncalo Borges, Joao Pina
    • Slovakia: Jolana Sebestyenova, Peter Kurdel
    • Spain: Miguel Angel Nunez-Vega
    • Switzerland: Sergio Maffioletti
    • United Kingdom: Claire Devereux



  1. Define what we (an an NGI, or as a community) would like to know about the conversations of NGIs and scientific communities?
    1. VT members to answer a set of related questions at NGI_community_interactions
    2. VT members to provide feedback on the questions that emerged from the answers: NGI_community_interactions#Questions_emerged_from_NGIs.27_answers.
  2. Configure CRM system for NGIs to record information about interactions with user communities
    1. Configuration is finished. CRM use cases, access information is available at: https://www.egi.eu/indico/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=818
  3. VT members (and members of ESFRI Contact list VT) provide feedback on CRM and its processes. Deadline: 27/Feb.
  4. CRM configuration and processes are finalised by the 12th of March.
  5. Document processes in the CRM manual
  6. Close VT, present and discuss the experiences at EGI CF. (Monday - NIL Meeting; Tuesday - VT session)