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{{VirtualTeamProject |  
{{VirtualTeamProject |  
VTP_Leader = Steve Brewer, EGI.eu |
VTP_Leader = To be decided |
VTP_ML =  |
VTP_ML =  |
VTP_Status = active |
VTP_Status = active |

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General Project Information

  • Leader: To be decided
  • Mailing List:
  • Status: active
  • Start Date: TBC
  • End Date: TBC
  • Meetings: see dedicated page


The motivation for this VT project is to initiate and support a GAIA-Space VRC to support the work of researchers working in this area dependent on distributed computing infrastructure. This includes:

  • The GAIA mission to chart a three-dimensional map of our Galaxy, the Milky Way
  • The DPAC consortium in charge of processing GAIA data
  • The Gaia Research for European Astronomy Training (GREAT) networking programme


The expected outputs of this project are:

  • The establishment of an active VRC representing this community of users
  • The availability of a selection of EGI-based resources for this community. These targets need to be clarified. There should be a number of country specific targets defined in conjunction participation with the research community and the NGIs.


The following tasks will be needed to achieve this:

  1. Identify representative for the community
  2. Formally create the GAIA-Space VRC
  3. Collect and analyse the key requirements for this community
  4. Produce some proof of concept resources to demonstrate the type of grid-based resources this community needs
  5. Produce production level resources for this community


  • Steve Brewer, EGI.eu, NL
  • Richard McLennan, EGI.eu, NL
  • Gergely Sipos, EGI.eu, NL
  • Nic Walton, Cambridge, UK (member of the Gaia Science Team and Chair of the GREAT programme)
  • Others?



Project task progress - 2/03/12:

  • Nic Walton (NW), Cambridge accepted as representative for the community (done),
  • NW has started participating in UCB (starting 29 Feb 2012), next step will be to prepare a draft MoU to initiate discussions
  • Requirements: SB and NW to talk on 2/Mar/2012 to discuss needs and offerings (inc. contribution/needs from FedCloud TF, Matteo has been informed of potential new community - 250 fte users spread across 50 countries, already using Hadoop and Amazon Cloud)
  • NW to attend VRC session at CF12 and present status of GAIA VRC
  • NW & SB call on 2 Marc '12 - NW meeting with Cloud team from Spain on Mon and will mention potential for support from FedCloud TF, Second VT to be established to support Spectral Analysis on top of VAMDC data (VAMDC project now completed) SB to create page and outline goals, Re. VRC, SB to send draft MoU to NW for consideration and circulation to the GAIA Science Team.

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