VT Federated Identity Providers Assessment Task 1: Questionnaire about TCS

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Assessing the TCS coverage of your country

  1. Does anybody in your country provides Terena Certificate Service to the national research community? (See http://www.terena.org/activities/tcs/participants.html)
    • If yes, check that the Terena Certificate Service (TCS) page is up to date.
  2. Check whether the institutes from which your NGI expects users can get certificates through TCS or not (why?).
  3. What is the process to get the certificate? (How complicated it is for a user to get a certificate? How complicated it is for an institution to become member of the TCS service).
    • Who and how is paying for the TCS service (NREN/institution/NGI)?
  4. Does your NGI/NREN provide any service similar to the TCS (SLCS)?