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VT Environmental & Biodiversity

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Environmental & Biodiversity Virtual Team project

  • Leader: Yannick LEGRE / CNRS-IDGC
  • Mailing List:
  • Status: active
  • Start Date: 01/10/2012
  • End Date: 28/02/2013
  • Meetings:


The VT has been initiated by the Environmental cluster of ESFRIs (ENVRI) and by the CReATIVE-B project and aim to involve all the actors and NGI in Europe.

The goal of the project is twofold:

1. Collect information and have an extensive overview about Environmental and Biodiversity research communities present in the participating NGIs as well as Environmental ESFRIs participants in whatever countries/NGIs they belongs to.

2. First steps to prepare the creation of the VRC

After the successful completion of the first phase, the current VT project will be followed by a VT in charge of the VRC building involving members of Environmental & Biodiversity communities.


The outputs of the VT after 6 months are:

  • CRM information completed and up to date in the fields of Environmental & Biodiversity
  • Main potential added value of EGI and to these communities
  • A list of key persons in the field of Environmental & Biodiversity to be involved in the VRC creation VT.


  • Creating an extensive list of teams / contact points with respect to Environmental /Biodiversity in Europe/Worldwide
  • Checking systematically information available in the EGI CRM in these fields and completing it
    • Our impression here after filling some info in the CRM is that another level of analysis is needed in order to have a global view of this research area at the European Level.
    • We will think how to undertake this work in a systematic way.
  • Contributing to better understand these communities and their needs that could be met by the offers
  • Identifying the added value of as a DCI to these communities that could be used as a strong message to attract them.
  • Identifying key persons among ESFRI and Environmental & Biodiversity research teams interested in a VRC creation which could be involved in the next VT in charge of the VRC building


  • Caterine Gater,
  • Yannick LEGRÉ, France
  • Genevieve ROMIER, France
  • Kostas Koumantaros, Greece
  • Robert Lovas, Hungary
  • Daniele Cesini, Italy
  • Giacinto Donvito, Italy
  • Paola Materia (ENVRI), Italy
  • Suhaimi Napis, Malaysia
  • Coen Schrijvers, Netherlands (The)
  • Gera Pronk, Netherlands (The)
  • Wouter Los (Lifewatch, ENVRI, CReATIVE-B), Netherlands (The)
  • Jacco Konijn (Lifewatch, ENVRI, CReATIVE-B), Netherlands (The)
  • Silvia Wissel (Lifewatch, ENVRI, CReATIVE-B), Netherlands (The)
  • Mariusz Sterzel, Poland
  • Gonçalo Borges, Portugal
  • Isabel Campos, Spain
  • Ignacio Blanquer, Spain
  • Vicky Huang, Taiwan
  • Eric Yen, Taiwan
  • Claire Devereux, UK
  • Hrachya Astsatryan, ArmNGI, Armenia
  • ... (still open)