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General Project Information

  • Leader: Michal Jaroš <mjaros@ics.muni.cz> CERIT-SC, Institute of

Computer Science, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic (NGI_CZ)

  • Mailing List: add virtual team project mailing list
  • Status: planned
  • Start Date: 01/10/2012
  • Duration: 6 months initial phase, report at EGI CF 2013
  • Meetings (plan):
    • 17-21 September 2012: Meeting at EGI Technical Forum 2012: Gathering initial ideas on coordinated approach, starting to build ELIXIR-related social network.
    • First official phone conference end of September. Introductory teleconference meeting of by-that-time-known ELIXIR-related people

within EGI: Setting out basic objectives, agreement on coordinated approach to ELIXIR, gathering more contacts.

    • October-March: Regular phone conferences (weekly at the beginning): Discussing details, tuning/harmonizing joint approach proposal,

resolving particular issues. Further expansion of the social network.

    • November-February: Meetings with presentations on technical/organizational approaches to ELIXIR in detail in individual

countries given by respective NGIs delegates. Mutual exchange of experience.

    • End of March: Final meeting: Finalizing joint approach proposal. Report.
    • April 2013: ELIXIR VT presentation at EGI CF 2013, discussion about next phase of the interaction.


ELIXIR is an emerging pan-European infrastructure for life science research support, in particular aimed for handling biological information. Due to new technologies in life sciences, the rate of production of biological data is intensely increasing. The collection, curation, storage, archiving, integration and deployment of large amounts of biomolecular data is a challenge that cannot be handled by a single organisation or by one country alone, but requires international coordination.

In the Czech Republic, universities and institutions that create or handle life sciences data are gathering together with institutions that provide IT support (especially the Czech node of EGI) to form a Czech node of ELIXIR called ELIXIR_CZ. All of these member institutions have declared their in-kind contributions statements (both in terms of working time commitments and hardware/software/data resources) and their willingness to cooperate on the country-wide level. Naturally, the mission of ELIXIR_CZ is also the implementation of ELIXIR standards throughout various life sciences infrastructures.

To our knowledge, in Netherlands, Finland, and possibly other countries, the national nodes of ELIXIR are getting integrated with respective national grid infrastructures, too. We believe in the benefits of such integration so we propose to integrate concurrently, in collaboration with teams from the other countries.


  • Social network of ELIXIR-related people within EGI as the background

for international collaboration at both technical and organizational level. ELIXIR liasons in various NGIs.

  • Proposal on a coordinated approach to ELIXIR.


  • Analyze the current situation of NGI collaboration with ELIXIR


  • Put together (create a virtual/social network) of people from NGIs

aware and working with ELIXIR.

  • Exchange ideas and share experience, help to focus the NGI people to

what actually works.

  • Serve as a pilot of collaboration between EGI/NGIs and large ESFRI

project/collaboration (non HEP community).


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