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(Resource Providers, Services and Prices)
(Resource Providers, Services and Prices)
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*Cloud via OpenStack
*Cloud via OpenStack
| Both  
| Both  
| €0.04 + 20% VAT  
| €0.05 + 20% VAT  

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The following table provides an overview of the technical details of the resource and technology providers for the PoC.

Further below are instructions for adding pricing into the accounting mechanisms.

Resource Providers, Services and Prices

NGI/RC GOCDB Name Contact Service Type Services and Resources Preferred Payment Direct/Indirect Grid Compute Price
Cloud Compute Price
Storage Price
Albert Einstein Center, Univ. of Bern UNIBE-LHEP Sigve Haug Batch via CENTOS 5/6 ARC CE
  • 500 cores (approx. 2 months in 2013) on highest priority;
  • Consumption preferably in one go, but distributed in time also possible
  • 10-20 TB disk on local SE for consumption period via DPM SRM interface plus two weeks
Both €0.03/hr
  • Free for PoC
  • Other TBD
NGI_BG BG01-IPP; BG08-MADARA Todor Gurov
Emanouil Atanassov

Batch & Grid: EMI-2/EMI-3
Cloud: OpenStack - FedCloud

  • 16 NVIDIA Tesla M2090 6 GB + 48 core Intel Xeon E5679 @ 2.53GHz with 4 GB of RAM per core
  • 576 cores Intel Xeon X5560 @ 2.8GHz with 1.5 GB of RAM per core
  • 800 cores Intel Xeon E5520 @ 2.26GHz with 1 GB of RAM per core
  • MPI jobs
  • Non-blocking InfiniBand interconnect
  • 240 TB of storage provisioned through Lustre FS (/home and /scratch systems), EMI dCache, EMI DPM, OpenStack Swift and OpenStack Cinder
  • €1.00/GPU/hour + 20% VAT (GPU-enabled servers)
  • €0.07/core/hour + 20% VAT (CPU only Intel Xeon X5560-based cluster)
  • €0.06/core/hour + 20% VAT (CPU only Intel Xeon E5520-based cluster)
Ivan Diaz
Batch + Cloud
  • 720 cores (Batch) AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 6174 2.2Ghz
  • 240 cores (Cloud) Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5520 2.27GHz
  • MPI jobs
  • RAM from 4GB to 32GB per core

€0.02/core/HEPSPEC06 hour

IFCA-IBERGRID IFCA-LCG2 Jesus Marco Batch (SLURM, SGE) + Cloud
  • Batch via CREAM CE
  • Cloud via OpenStack
  • Up to 2500 cores in servers with 4, 8, 16, 40 physical cores
  • Infiniband access to other nodes and storage possible for MPI jobs
  • RAM from 4GB to 256GB per core (max 1TB)
Both, Direct preferred
  • €0.05/core/hour for usual instances, <0.01/core/HS06 hour (+ VA
  • €0.04/core/hour for multicore use (>128 cores)
Minimal storage free, requests up to 100 TB high performance storage possible
Institute of Informatics of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (II SAS) IISAS-FedCloud

Ladislav Hluchý
Viet Tran

  • 120 cores (Cloud) Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5520 2.27GHz
  • 1, 2, 4, 8 cores VMs
  • RAM up to 4GB per core
Both €0.06/core/hr
Latvian Grid IMCSUL Kaspars Krampis TBC
  • TBC

Alessandro Costantini
Antonio Lagana

EMI1/2, CEs, WNs, SE
  • EMI1 middleware (phasing to EMI2) - CE's, WN's and SE.
  • 10 nodes to start (intel 4core, ethernet connection)
  • Long experience in Molecular Science and Comp Chem, can provide support for such innovative applications and in the field of R&D for combustion, energy and material science.
  • Managing a computer farm of 200 cores and 4TB of storage part of those resources are supporting EGI.
Direct To be evaluated
NGI_GRNET All HG-* Kostas Koumantaros Cloud and Grid
  • TBC
TBC €0.05/hr + 23% VAT



Vincenzo Spinoso EMI, OpenStack
  • gLite MW stack: Cream CE, LFC, Storm SE, WMS+LB, BDII.
  • Cloud: OpenSTACK
TBD €0.07/hr + 22% VAT TBD
100 Percent IT 100IT David Blundell Cloud (Openstack)
  • Intel Xeon X5670 @ 2.93GHz
  • Cloud via OpenStack
Both €0.05 + 20% VAT
PL-Grid TBC Mariusz Sterzel Cloud + Batch via Cream / EMI
  • Computing power, storage, and human support
  • Batch processing via Cream CE/EMI
  • Cloud access
  • Non-grid, local access to queue system
Both Capacity and price are a subject to negotiation
Feyza Eryol
Cloud + Batch
  • Batch processing via Cream CE
  • VM Management using OpenNebula/OCCI
  • Infiniband connected Linux computing resources
Both €0.15/hour 8 core 24 GB instance
UIIP NASB BY-UIIP Serge Salamanka Cloud + Batch
  • Batch processing via UNICORE or Cream CE
  • Intel Xeon E5472 (3,0 GHz, 4 Cores) 50 nodes / 100 physical CPUs
  • 400 virtual CPUs
  • 400 Gb memory
  • 8TB Disk storage – 9-12TB Storage servers
  • Infiniband DDR 20Gbit/sec]
Indirect $0.077/hr (TBD) 1 Core
Fraunhofer SCAI SCAI Horst Schwichtenberg Cloud (Openstack) + Batch
  • Intel Xeon X5570 @ 2.93GHz
  • Non-blocking QDR InfiniBand interconnect (40GBps)

Price in Accounting


To test the mechanism for turning your accounting into a monetary charge charging rate needs to be defined. During the pilot this will be one number for your site in euros/HS06 hour. The number does not have to be real but obviously a ballpark figure would be good as it would give more realistic pilot reports.

To define the charging rate the plan is to use a new feature of GOCDB which is known as ‘Key-Value Pair Property Bag Extensiblity Mechanism’. This allows the definition of arbitrary key-value pairs for a site or any service. If a community agrees a naming scheme for the keys and semantics for the values then they have a flexible and low overhead method of adding more information about anything defined in GOCDB. For anyone interested about more details this is documented here.


  • If you do not have access rights to change features of your site please ask the site manager or a site admin to do it for you.
  1. Go to the test GOCDB https://gocdb-test.esc.rl.ac.uk/v5 which contains a copy of the production database. The same access rights apply but you will not change anything in the production database.
  2. Navigate to your site. (My Sites) at the top of the left hand sidebar.
  3. Just above the list of Services you should see a new box called 'Site Extension Properties'
  4. At the bottom of this box there is a big green plus titled 'Add Properties' – click on it
  5. This should show a window with two fields 'Property Name' and 'Property Value'
  6. For 'Property Name' insert TEST_CHARGE
  7. For 'Property Value' insert a real number which will be interpreted as euros per HEPSPEC06 Hour.
  8. Click the button 'Add Site Property'
  9. If you go back to the site view you will see TEST_CHARGE listed. You can edit or delete it.

Once you have done this we will query GOCDB to pull the values for the pilot sites and the accounting portal will join them with usage data to produce a charging report.