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VT EGI Pay-for-Use Actions

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Pay-For-Use menu: Home Processes/Instructions Service/Price Overview Service Management Legal/Policy Actions Meetings


  • 03/01 - JG: Circulate an updated list of remaining sites to provide info in GOCDB (ref. extensions).
  • 03/02 - RCs: Remaining sites to provide info in GOCDB (ref. extensions).
  • 03/03 - RCs: DPM or dCache sites to provide pricing info for storage as initial work.
  • 03/04 - JG: Add separate VAT column in GOCDB.
  • 03/05 - SH: Add separate VAT column in wiki.
  • 03/06 - SH: Add service and supporting activity definitions in the SM page on the wiki.
  • 03/07 - SH: Circulate a WebEx call-in details for 14 March @ 10:00.


  • 01/02 - RCs: Provide information for completing the Technical Details Table.
    • SH: Editing rights to the wiki have been given. All to complete. Still some information missing.
  • 01/04 - AS: Investigate the option of adding price/cost per user.
    • AS: Yes, is possible. Development by first week of March
    • ID: Only certain roles will be able to view this information.
  • 02/02 - JG/AS: Add storage pricing fields in GOCDB and AP.
    • JG: Will add this in the next couple days, using standard unit and time (to then be discussed).
  • 02/05 - ALL: Each member of the PoC to provide 3-4 questions (either by mail or directly on the wiki) they would like to have answered to develop activities around.
    • SH: We have gotten quite a few, but from a couple people. Will leave this open until next call.
  • 02/07 - DS: Confirm alternate contact for tool development.
  • 02/08 - ALL: Confirm alternate email addresses for Google docs.
    • SH: A few have been sent. Will keep this open as well until the next call.
  • 02/09 - ALL: Confirm topics of interest for participation by mail or directly on the wiki.
  • 02/12 - SH: Prepare a message to NGIs for providing pricing (To be discussed during next call as this needs to be sent post-development).


  • 02/01 - ALL: Review Open Data Pilot info and provide feedback both positive and negative.
  • 02/03 - JG: Look at the GOCDB extensions required and circulate details for comments.
  • 02/04 - SH: Add cloud pricing and storage columns to wikipage.
  • 02/06 - SH: Get wikipage editing rights for group members.
  • 02/10 - SH: Send mail to collect institution contacts for EGI-InSPIRE PPT (TNA5.2).
  • 02/11 - ID: Check “custom” for by VO view.
  • 02/13 - SH: Circulate a Doodle poll for next call on Feb 26 or 28.
  • 01/01 - RCs: All Resource Centres to follow instructions for adding prices into accounting system.
  • 01/03 - SH: Add HEPSPEC06 reference to price column in technical detail table.
  • 01/05 - SH: Revise objectives to expand references to the various tools that may be required.
  • 01/06 - SH: Add responsibility table to wiki.
  • 01/07 - SH: Revise output to clarify running proof of concept in pre-production.
  • 01/08 - ALL: Provide contact details of anyone to be added to mailing list.
  • 01/09 - SH/ALL: Confirm preference of 11:00 or 12:00 Thursdays and double check other meetings.