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VTP_Leader = Sergio Andreozzi, EGI.eu |
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VTP_ML = vt-egi-compendium@mailman.egi.eu |

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Main Tasks Meetings

General Project Information

  • Leader: Sergio Andreozzi, EGI.eu
  • Mailing List: vt-egi-compendium@mailman.egi.eu
  • Status: finished
  • Start Date: 05/12/2011
  • End Date: 25/03/2012
  • Meetings: see dedicated page


EGI is based on a partnership among NGIs/EIROs that are organisation evolving independently. We need a structured collection of information describing NGIs/EIROs and their relationships to the user communities to help EGI.eu and EGI as a whole to:

  • increase transparency
  • improve clarity among the partners to better support better strategic planning
  • provide an essential body of information for the various stakeholders


The expected outputs of this project are:

  • Scope and structure of the Compendium
  • Definition of the functionality of the tool enabling the stakeholders to update the information anytime
  • Launch of the first iteration of the EGI Compendium

The analysis of the collected data and revision of the revision of the questionnaire for next year will be performed either by a follow-up project or internally in EGI.eu


  • Agree and define a set of standardised information - DONE
  • Define the tools necessary to collect/publish the data - DONE
  • Define how to present the data online - DONE
  • Perform the first iteration of information gathering from the NGIs/EIROs - DONE

(see dedicated page)


  • Sergio Andreozzi, EGI.eu
  • Damir Marinovic, EGI.eu
  • Sy Holsinger, EGI.eu
  • Stuart Kenny, Ireland
  • Nicolai Iliuha, Republic of Moldova



The VT completed all the actions and launched the data collection on 25/Mar/2012 with a dedicated survey; the invitation was sent to the 38 EGI.eu participants/associated participants (EGI Council contacts and NILs where available). The deadline for filling the questionnaire is 27/Apr/2012