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General Project Information

  • Leader: Steve Brewer, EGI.eu
  • Mailing List:
  • Status: planned
  • Start Date: 21/05/2012
  • End Date: 27/11/2012
  • Meetings: see dedicated page


  • EGI has an overarching goal to bring in new users to the infrastructure; achieving this goal is partially dependent on providing flexible support to new users as they adopt the services required to make use of the infrastructure. Whilst formal support channels exist, this process can also be improved through having 'experts' available on the ground to provide help to individuals in their research environment.
  • To increase usage of the infrastructure at the level of end-users
  • The UK NGS Campus Champions are an example of a role model for this concept - see link below for further information.


The expected outputs of this project are:

  • The creation of a new support role - EGI Champion - and to have more than half of the NGIs identify named individuals for this role.
  • To create a new role called 'EGI Champions'
  • 'EGI Champions' will be individuals working at research centres across EGI's partners countries.
  • They will typically be working in some capacity in the DCI-based research area and available to help others and promote the benefits of using the infrastructure.
  • They will provide users and potential users with role models for grid usage
  • Identify a number of individuals in various partner countries to act as the first phase of Champions to test out and demonstrate the role.
  • To promote the Champions through EGI's internal and external communication channels (that is within the InSPIRE community and beyond)
  • To create a support process for these champions. This could include defining roles and responsibilities as well as information packs and other resources.


  1. Define role of EGI Champion
  2. Create list of candidate Champions
  3. Recruit initial cohort of Champions
  4. Publicise EGI champion role
  5. Review activities of cohort after designated trial period (for example 6 weeks)
  6. Revise role definition and cohort if necessary
  7. Recruitment process for further cohort of Champions
  8. Publicise EGI champions

(see dedicated page)


  • Steve Brewer, EGI.eu
  • Richard McLennan, EGI.eu


  • See UK NGS Campus Champions as an example: Campus Champions
  • Any other suggestions for examples of similar roles would be welcome.


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