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A new approach to Computing A/R Reports

The EGI Availability and Reliability (A/R) reports are being computed on a monthly basis via a centralized infrastructure that aggregates results from the distributed monitoring. The current implementation of the A/R service cannot be extended to meet the needs of the NGIs and EGI Operations to introduce the new middleware services and regional calculations.

This task will implement a new A/R reporting service using open source project components that will be more flexible and extensible and allow the inclusion of more middleware services into the calculation of A/R metrics and will also add VO-wise metric results (in addition to service-wise, site-wise and NGI-wise provisioning of results). Moreover the profiles under which the calculations are done will be modular and a way to add or remove profiles will be made available and documented. The project is led by GRNET and includes IN2P3 (CNRS) and SRCE.