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The Globus Online cookbook describes how the 'SRM type' storage services that are federated into EGI can be used as endpoints of file transfers managed by Globus Online. The "biomed" VO is used as an example in the Cookbook to demonstrate EGI storage usage, but the steps are the same for other EGI VOs as well.

The cookbook was prepared as a guide for EGI Virtual Organisations (VOs) on how to use the Globus Online service that is available at provides robust and easy to use file transfer capabilities for EGI users. The service manages file transfers for you, monitoring performance, retrying failures, auto-tuning and recovering from faults automatically where possible, and reporting status.

The Cookbook consists of two parts:

  1. Cookbook for VO managers: The first part provides step-by-step instructions for VO Managers on how to register SRM storage services in Globus Online in such a way, that these appear as transfer endpoints for VO members. This registration could be performed by any member of a VO, however for most VOs the VO Manager is the most suitable person to complete this step because the VO Manager has sufficient knowledge on storage sites that support the VO and about the BDII information system where detailed information about the storages is recorded.
  2. Cookbook for researchers: The second part provides step-by-step instructions for VO members on how to use VO storage endpoints in Globus Online. This part is relevant for any meber of any EGI VO. The list of EGI VOs and information on joining these VOs is available at

This cookbook has been prepared by the User Community Support Team in consultation with representatives of EGI Operations, storage technology and information system developer groups. Please email any feedback about this Cookbook to the User Community Support Team:

Cookbook for VO managers

Cookbook for researchers