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Community Use case Description Status Further information
ASTRA-GAIA Data integration with scalable workflows Cancelled
BioVeL BioSTIF BioSTIF web-service (data visualization) Pre-production FedCloudBIOSTIF
BioVeL BioVeL Portal Pre-production
BioVeL OpenRefine Pre-production
BioVeL OpenModeller Ecological Niche Modelling web-service Pre-production FedCloudOPENMODELLER
BioVeL EDIT Portal to access/visualize Catalogue of Life taxonomy data Assessed
BSIM2 Proof of Concept and optimization of data workflow Assessed
Calibration, Analysis and Modelling of Radio-Astronomy Data Modelling of the kinematic of galaxies Assessed
Calibration, Analysis and Modelling of Radio-Astronomy Data Development of a calibration pipeline for LOFAR data Assessed Arvados Offer Arvados platform to healthcare and bioinformatics customers in the Netherlands Pre-assessment
CERN ATLAS On-demand cluster Run a on-demand cluster on the cloud to absorb peaks in ATLAS grid Test & Integration
Chain-reds R Run R (language and environment for statistical computing and graphics) Pre-production
Chain-reds Octave High-level interpreted language, primarily intended for numerical computations Pre-production
Chain-reds WRF Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Model Pre-production
ELIXIR Chipster Analysis software for next generation sequencing. Assessed
Ciops Pre-assessment
CLARIN BNCWeb Scalable ‘British National Corpus’ service (BNCWeb) Closed FedCloudBNCweb
Cranfield University Hands-on training Organise hands-on training for students Cancelled FedCloudCranfield
Cranfield University Resource allocation and scheduling Assess cloud capabilities to study resource allocation and scheduling algorithms for federated cloud systems Closed FedCloudCranfield
Catania Science Gateway Framework Exploit SaaS model Production FedCloudCSGF
DCH-RP HAPPI Test & Integration FedCloudDCHRP
DCH-RP LTP Long term preservation in the cloud Preparatory FedCloudDCHRP
DIRAC Monte Carlo simulations Run LHCb simulations of Monte Carlo jobs FedCloudDIRAC
DIRAC VMDIRAC VMDIRAC portal as VM scheduler with 3rd party broker (with WeNMR) Production FedCloudDIRAC