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Status of support of EPEL 7, together with SL7 or CentOS7

Description of Issue

Status of UMD services & components

This table lists tests answers received from the TP regading the availability fo their components in EPEL 7, SL 7 and/or CentOS 7.

Technology Provider Service/Component Status Comments
APEL APEL server & client NO build done for RHEL 5 & RHEL 6, no "OS" 7 for the moment
ARC - OK nordugrid-arc is available in all EPEL (5,6,7) repos
ARGUS Collaboration - IN PROGRESS All C components (argus-pep-api-c, argus-pep-cli, argus-gsi-pep-callout), appear to work as expected. No formal testing done.
Grid Information System OK bdii, glue-schema - available in EPEL 7

CREAM code is under verification on CentOS7

CREAM (S)GE module -
CVMFS no info
CERN Data Management DPM, LFC, FTS3, DMC clients OK All major packages are there (EPEL 7).

The building was pretty painless, once all dependencies arrived (in EPEL7) things started to work.

As for the runtime, we don't do regular testing on this platform yet, indeed we haven't announced that it's supported. We will start certifying stuff soon.

We intend to certify with plain CentOS7, not aware of any other variants out there (although CERN will produce a variant for its own use).

dCache server & srm-client OK dCache RPMs do not depend on anything EPEL provides, so the RPMs should work fine with EPEL 7.

The dcap RPMs do have dependencies that EPEL satisfies, v. 2.47.8-1.el7 available in EPEL7

UI/WN OK no tests done - if all clients are working the UI/WN should work also
EMIR NO we do not have any updates on EMIR support in the above mentioned platforms (EPEL7/CentOS7/SL7)
Frontier Squid Frontier Squid IN PROGRESS "OSG recompiles for the two OS (SL5,SL6) variants and are currently setting up their koji build system to also compile on SL7"
gLExec-wn OK We currently only have LCMAPS in EPEL (and Fedora) and have requested release also to EPEL7. We can build all our software against CentOS+EPEL7 but have not yet performed any run-time testing.

UPDATE: everything appears to work as expected, all our tests succeed.





OK canl-java: in EPEL 7

glite-px-proxyrenewal: in EPEL 7

canl-c: in EPEL 7

gridsite: in EPEL 7

L&B: not in EPEL7:
- classads dependency is missing (
- but otherwise, SL7/RHEL7 is fully supported and testsuite passes

MPI IN PROGRESS activity somehow ongoing
QosCosGrid [QCG] NO not available for or tested against EPEL 7


IN PROGRESS tests for "OS 7"/EPEL 7 will start soon

voms, voms-api-java, voms-mysql-plugin already available in EPEL 7

UNICORE NO not available for or tested against EPEL 7

WMS code is under verification on CentOS7

Globus OK GT6.0 available in EPEL 7 (and EPEL 5,6)