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Calendar: https://indico.egi.eu/indico/categoryDisplay.py?categId=107


  • UMD 4.1.1 released today
    • edg-mkgrid 4.0.3 (missing), Globus Network Manager on SL6
  • UMD 4.2.0 to be released in the second half of July
    • including: FTS3, QCG, dCache, ARGUS
    • include if possible: DPM, Globus/GFAL (fix issue with udt driver)
  • CMD
    • RT setup: IT support to configure CMD together with UMD, discussion in progress
    • Verification process
      • starting with BDII info provider
      • external infrastructure needed to perform the tests -> will be IFCA (OpenStack), CESGA (OpenNebula)
    • Staged-Rollout: change is necessary on the communication side (personal contacts don't work well in case of turn over) -> use two contacts is a possibility (personal contact, and a mailing list could be a fall back)

Status of the products verification/staged rollout

Ready to be Released

  • edg-mkgrid 4.0.3 (includes the missing lcg-infosite)

Under Staged Rollout


In Verification

  • xroot 4.3.0 (centos7, sl6)
  • DPM 1.8.11 + DMLITE 0.7.6 (centos7, sl6)
  • DAVIX 0.6.0 (centos7, sl6)
  • FTS 3.4.3 (centos7, sl6)
  • ARC 5.1.1 (centos7, sl6)
  • GFAL2 2.11.1 (centos7, sl6)
  • srm-ifce 1.23.1 (centos7, sl6)
  • gfal2-util 1.3.2 (centos7, sl6)
  • gfal2-python 1.8.4 (centos7, sl6)
  • Argus waiting for 1.7.2
  • Globus waiting for griftp 10.4

Report from WLCG MW Officer

Ongoing discussions with the experiments about the avaialbility of the client bundles for UI and WN

First CentOS7 UI Available in cvmfs ( /cvmfs/grid.cern.ch/centos7-ui-test), discussion ongoing to create the rpm and release it in UMD, WN still not available.


Updates from Technical Providers




Data management clients

New Releases in EPEL:






The Globus update that, among other things, changes the default host verification mode to strict rfc 2818 is now in EPEL stable.

The setting can be changed in /etc/grid-security/gsi.conf, but the new default is considered more secure so changing it back to hybrid mode is not recommended.

To change the setting temporary without affecting every process on the machine the environment variable can be used:


The update also contains an updated globus-gridftp-server package (10.4) and the corresponding rebuild of dpm-dsi (1.9.7-6). This update was tested by the DPM developers.

The status of the globus-xio-udt-driver update is that the version in EPEL testing was updated from 1.21 to 1.23. The difference between the versions is that in the new version the patch that was applied in packaging to allow building using older versions of some of the dependencies was accepted upstream. So the patch that was applied before is now dropped.




Next meeting Jun 27th, 2016