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About SL5. Please have a look at about SL5 calendar. In particular:

  • From September 2015 on, UMD3 will support only security fixes for SL5.
  • Security updates will be available until March 2016.
  • All SL5 services must be decommissioned by April 2016.

About CentOS7. Technical Providers contacted before EGI Conference. Asked to provide:

  • link/reference to RPMs (EPEL7 should be fine)
  • documentation for installation and configuration, dependencies
  • references for automatic configuration (like puppet), if any

A wiki (coming soon) will show the status.

About Ubuntu in UMD4. At the moment Ubuntu has been pushed into UMD4 in order to integrate the FedCloud tools. The OpenStack/OpenNebula release cycle seems to be much faster than the UMD4 release cycle. We are now in favour of setting up community repositories for specific framework versions, abandoning the idea of releasing within the UMD4 workflow. More news will be given at the next meeting.

Status of the products verification/staged rollout

REady tobe Released

  • gLOBUS (Myproxy 6.1.13, gridftp 6.1.0, gram5 6.1.0, globus-default-security 6.1.0)
  • storm 1.11.9
  • srm-ifce 1.23.1
  • gfal2 2.9.3
  • gfal2-python 1.8.3
  • gfal2-utils 1.2.1
  • cgsi-gsoap 1.3.8
  • dcache 2.10.42

Under Staged Rollout

  • fts3 3.3.1

In Verification

  • arc 15.03.1
  • in preparation:
    • last releases of gfal2, gfal2-python, gfal2-utils 1.2.1)
    • DPM 2.8.10
    • VOMS-ADMIN 3.4.0

Status of UMD4


  • site-bdii.centos7 1.2.1
  • top-bdii.centos7 1.1.4


Report from WLCG MW Officer

Updates from Technical Providers


Released dCache 2.10.44 to appDB


Data management clients



  • New release NorduGrid 15.03.5 (arc 5.0.4) available in NorduGrid repos
  • The packages nordugrid-arc-gangliarc and nordugrid-arc-nagios are now available from Fedora and EPEL repositories as well.






Next meeting: December 14, 2015 (last meeting before Christmas)