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In Verification

Under Staged Rollout

Ready to be Released


In Verification

In Staged Rollout

Ready to be released


In verification

In Staged Rollout

Ready to be released

Report from WLCG MW Officer

CREAM CE for C7 + LSF 7 is under testing at Legnaro for CMS.

Updates from Technical Providers





Dmlite 0.8.8 in EPEL testing. We'll notify when it will reach EPEL Stable

Data management clients

gfal2 2.14.2, gfal2-python 1.9.3 and gfal2-util 1.5.1 available in EPEL Stable


Due to an issue with the new Fedora system for package updates, one of the dependencies of FTS-REST has been removed from EPEL7

We are waiting for the package to be added back. This is blocking the installation of FTS-REST from UMD4.

thanks to Joao who has reported this problem to us.


Not much news from ARC due to holiday time. This week we will start the work for a new release, either bugfix (5.3.3) or minor (5.4). More news will come once we have had our coordination meeting Tuesday 22.08. The ARC client issues in 5.3.2 (15.03u15) will be adressed. We expect a new release in about 2 weeks time.



Various Globus Toolkit updates

Updates to several Globus Toolkit packages from upstream.

DPM reported that globus-gssapi-gsi-12.17-1 broke compatibility with Bestman based servers, and also proposed a fix for the problem. This fix was implemented in an updated globus-gssapi-gsi-12.17-3 that replaced the package in the update. DPM confirmed that this updated package fixed the issue.

The update also received positive feedback from OSG.

Update available in EPEL stable since 2012-08-18.

Update to globus-gridftp-server-control

Update available in EPEL testing since 2012-08-21.





Released on 2017-07-07:

  • Preview 1.13.0 AppDB info (sl6): ARC 15.03 u15, dCache 2.16.40, frontier-squid 3.5.24-3.1, LCGdm-dav 0.18.2, QCG Broker 4.2.0
  • Preview 2.13.0 AppDB info (CentOS 7): ARC 15.03 u15, ARGUS 1.7.1, CREAM 1.16.5, dCache 3.1.9 & SRM client 3.0.11, frontier-squid 3.5.24-3.1, LCGdm-dav 0.18.2, QCG Broker 4.2.0

gathering products for the next update, about to be released in September