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UMD releases status

Status of the products verification/staged rollout

Next UMD-3 releases

Given the amount of products ready for the release in UMD-3, UMD software provisioning team proposed to split the December update in two.

  • One update week 18-22 November
  • One update week 9-13 December (or early the following week)

This schedule should allow QCG and hopefully ARC to be ready for the December update.

Important: product teams should remember to attach the release notes link to the release announcements. This makes easier for us to compile the UMD rel.notes.

Ready to be released

  • unicore-hila v. 2.4.0
  • cream-torque v. 2.1.1
  • px v. 1.3.34
  • arc-ce v. 3.0.3
  • gridway v. 5.14.1
  • dpm v. 1.8.7-3
  • bdii-core v. 1.5.4
  • bdii-top v. 1.1.3
  • canl v. 2.1.4
  • cream-ce v. 1.16.2
  • blah v. 1.20.3

Updates from the product teams

This section is directly contributed by the product teams. Please, add under your section the scheduled releases with a short comment about the updates introduced and where they are going to be released (EMI repositories, EPEL, private repositories ecc), linking external pages with these information is ok, but please add at least the expected date of the next release. It is important to discuss, within the URT, changes that may affect directly or indirectly other products. The text will be copied into the agenda of the next URT meeting, PT will just need to check that all the information are up to date. Please, feel free to alter the template if it doesn't feet with your needs.


  • Release version x.y.z Expected: 2013-xx-yy
    • Main changes: (including other products affected)
    • Other information:


  • Release 13.11 version 4.0.0 Expected: 2013-11-22
    • Main changes: Major release, new BDB job storage, new infosys startup scripts, direct DQ2 support, improved WebDAV support, improved proxy handling
    • Other information: Final tag expected to be tagged this week


  • Release version w.k.j Expected on: 2013-xx-yy
    • Main changes: (including other products affected)
    • Other information:


  • dCache Release Schedule
    • Main changes: dcap client removed from EMI repos, now all dcap available via EPEL for SL5/SL6
    • new Releases for UMD-2 dcache-server 2.2 and UMD-3 dcache-server 2.6 planned
    • Other information:



  • Release version: 1.16.0 has been released to EPEL


  • Release version FTS3 (v3.1) is available in EPEL
    • Main changes:
    • Other information:


  • Release version:
    • Main changes:
    • Other information:


  • Release version:
    • Main changes:
    • Other information:


  • Release version w.k.j Expected on: 2013-xx-yy
    • Main changes: (including other products affected)
    • Other information:



  • Release version:
    • Main changes:
    • Other information:


  • Release version:
    • Main changes:
    • Other information:


  • Release version:
    • Main changes:
    • Other information:

gLite- security

  • Release version w.k.j Expected on: 2013-xx-yy
    • Main changes: (including other products affected)
    • Other information:



  • Next release: Oct. 2013
    • STORM 1.11.3 (EMI 3)
    • Main changes:
      • Mainly WebDAV issues
    • Other information:





  • Release version 3.2.0 Expected on: 2013-11-15
    • Main changes:
      • SHA2 support
      • integration with EGI Information System (if we manage to implement this).
      • many improvements in QCG-SimpleClient
        • configurable columns in qcg-list tool
        • new #QCG directive in job description (#QCG include)
        • qcg-resub - command
    • Other information:

Other topics

IPv6 compliance

Starting from October 2013 EGI verification process is performed on an IPv6 testbed as default. The results of the testing are summarized in this wiki page: Middleware_products_verified_for_the_support_of_IPv6

As usual verifiers will open GGUS tickets to notify developers of any problems, for example this one has been opened against lcg-cr.

Globus release in EPEL testing

Mattias circulated an email to URT about 10 days ago, announcing that the Globus toolkit update 5.2.5 was available in EPEL testing.

Have product team (with dependencies in the updated packages) tested their latest release with the new libraries? Currently the links above have 0 Karma feedbacks.



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