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= AOB =
= AOB =

* DPM Workshop 2016 - 23-24 of November @ LPNHE (Paris)
* Next meeting '''Nov 28th, 2016'''
* Next meeting '''October 31st, 2016'''

Latest revision as of 16:59, 14 November 2016




  • CMD-OS 1.0.0 (based on OpenStack Mitaka) and CMD-ONE 1.0.0 (based on OpenNebula 4.0) in preparation, verification in progress:

Status of the products verification/staged rollout

Ready to be Released

Under Staged Rollout

In Verification

Report from WLCG MW Officer

  • MW readiness verification
    • Latest ARC-CE released in epel-testing ( 5.2.0) being tested by Brunel on C7
  • by debugging a user issue CMS realized that the UIs are still using a old version of voms-api-java3 and canl-java. Some issues with voms-proxy-init ( java version ) have been fixed in voms-api-java3>= 3.2.0 which uses canl-java-2.2 ( now in UMD4 we have voms-api-java3 3.0.6 and canl-java 1.3)
  • Would it be possible to start including this new versions at least in UMD Preview?

Updates from Technical Providers


New SRM client release available at [1]


DPM 1.9.0 will be pushed to EPEL-stable by the end of November. We will ask inclusion in UMD-Preview repo when done

Data management clients




NorduGrid ARC 15.03u10 (ARC version 5.2.0) is in EPEL testing.



New set of Globus Toolkit updates in EPEL testing:

This update includes an update to globus-gridftp-server, so there is also a rebuild of dpm-dsi for the usual reasons.


xrootd 4.4.1 now in EPEL stable.




Latest releases:

Collecting information for the next update:

  • ARC 15.03u10
  • UI/WN tarball