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  • still working on CMD-OS updates
  • CMD-ONE first major to be released for OpenNebula 5
    • CESGA will update to OpenNebula 5 and test in particular the new cloudkeeper (former vmcatcher)

UMD 4.4.0 almost ready

  • CentOS7

Davix 0.6.4 GFAL 2.12.2 GFAL Utils 1.4.0 CGSI gSOAP 1.3.10 gfalFS 1.5.1 srm-ifce 1.24.1 FTS3 3.5.7 GRAM5 13.16.0 yaim core 5.1.4 GridFTP 11.8.1 MyProxy 6.1.25 globus-default-security 6.4.0 dCache SRM client 3.09.1 ARC 15.03.12 canL 2.2.8

  • SL6

VOMS Admin server 3.5.1 GFAL 2.12.2 GFAL Utils 1.4.0 CGSI gSOAP 1.3.10 gfalFS 1.5.1 FTS3 3.5.7 GRAM5 13.16.0 yaim core 5.1.4 Davix 0.6.4 GridFTP 11.8.1 MyProxy 6.1.25 globus-default-security 6.4.0 CGSI gSOAP 1.3.10 ARC 15.03.12 canL 2.2.8

    • pending: XrootD 4.6.0, fix for DPM 1.9.0 C7, Frontier
    • UMD 4.5 (May) will contain WN/UI for C7

Status of the products verification/staged rollout


In Verification

  • fts3 3.5.8 (already have SR)
  • dcache 3.0.10 (positive feedback from one site)
  • apel 1.5.1
  • apel-ssm 2.1.7

Under Staged Rollout

  • FRONTIER.squid 2.7.27
  • dpm 1.9.0
  • dmlite 0.8.5

Ready to be Released

  • voms-admin-server 3.5.1
  • emi-voms-mysql 1.1.0
  • emi-voms-oracle 1.1.0
  • gfal2 2.12.2
  • gfal2-utils 1.4.0
  • gfalfs 1.5.1
  • cgsi-gsoap 1.3.10
  • srm-ifce 1.24.1
  • fts3 3.5.7 -> to be replaced by * fts3 3.5.8
  • yaim-core 5.1.4
  • dcache-srmclient 3.09.1
  • squid 3.5.24
  • FRONTIER.squid 3.5.24 (waiting for 2.7.27)
  • davix 0.6.4
  • globus-default-security 6.4.0
  • gram5 13.16.0
  • gridftp 11.8.1
  • myproxy 6.1.19
  • arc-ce 15.03.12


In Verification

    • apel-ssm 2.1.7

In Staged Rollout

  • rocci 4.3.8 (staged rollout)
  • bdii-infoprovider 0.7.0

Ready to be released


In verification

    • rocci 4.3.4
    • apel-ssm 2.1.7
    • bdii-infoprovider 0.7.0

In Staged Rollout

Ready to be released

    • rocci 4.3.8

Report from WLCG MW Officer

  • WN C7 testing: We agreed to include the LB client libs in this first version of teh WN metapackage as Cream jobs still depend on them. New version ready. CVMFS will also be added once available on the preview repo.
  • UI C7 testing. Need to upgrade the preview repo to include FTS 3.5.8 to fix a dep issue on the fts-client installation.

wikis for this activity

Updates from Technical Providers




The release notes of dCache 2.13.54 is uploaded on the egi application database website ( .


Dynafed integration in UMD. We provided all the needed info ( also a dedicated GGUS SU is already in place)

but...we found a problem on the version available in EPEL. So we need to release again a new version before starting the integration process.

Data management clients

Some issues discovered on gfal2 2.13 will delay the push to EPEL stable.




Nothing special to report, except that the next minor release is in preparation, planned release end of March/beginning of April.



Minor update applying a patch from ARC developers. Patch is submitted upstream:

Available in EPEL testing:


The xrootd 4.6.0 update has been dragging its feet. The latest version in EPEL testing (4.6.0-7) first seemed to have addressed all the reported issues, but unfortunately one of the later fixes reintroduced one of the problems that had previously been fixed:

This has since been partially fixed in the git repository, in as much as it no longer fails with the latest change (not yet in EPEL). However, even with the latest upstream change an error message is written out which is confusing. So it is not yet properly fixed upstream.

Latest news: 4.6.0-8 currently building with the upstream fix + a proposed fix for the bogus error message. Please test this when it becomes available in EPEL testing.




collecting products for the next update: cvmfs 2.3.3, emi-WN 4.0.2, FTS 3.5.8