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Calendar: https://indico.egi.eu/indico/categoryDisplay.py?categId=107


Status of the products verification/staged rollout

Ready to be Released

voms-admin-server 3.5.1

Under Staged Rollout

  • dpm 1.8.11 (centos7)
  • FRONTIER.squid 2.7.27

In Verification

  • arc 15.03.10
  • davix 0.6.4
  • gfal2 2.12.2
  • gfalfs 1.5.1
  • cgsi-gsoap 1.3.10
  • gfal2-utils 1.4.0
  • srm-ifce 1.24.1

Report from WLCG MW Officer

We are looking for sites to test the latest Xrootd in EPEL-testing ( 4.5.0)

Updates from Technical Providers


OOI -> works in Mitaka

Syncrepos -> works in Mitaka

Cloud-info-provider -> works in Mitaka

IAM integration -> works in Mitaka

TOSCA translation -> works in Mitaka

Nova-docker -> code works, lacks packaging. Will be ready soon



DPM 1.9.0 being pushed to EPEL6 and EPEL7 stable ( today/tomorrow)

We will send information for the inclusion in UMD Preview then

Data management clients



FTS 3.5.7 in EPEL stable ( both EPEL6 and EPEL7)



Preparing bugfix release 15.03u11 (ARC 5.2.1)

A separate release-candidate has been made for Fedora and Debian to support their transition to openssl 1.1. This is ARC 5.3.0rc1, you can get the source from here: http://download.nordugrid.org/packages/nordugrid-arc/testing/5.3.0rc1/src/



The update that has spent the last 4 weeks in testing was pushed to stable. (It was waiting for a dmlite update to be pushed in order to avoid broken dependencies.)


xrootd 4.5.0 available in EPEL testing.

Versions with the same major version (in this case 4) are meant to be backwards compatible, so this should not cause problems when updating from the current 4.4.1. But as always - please test and provide feedback!

This update was built with the proposed changes in


in order to support OpenSSL 1.1.0.

It would be great if there could be some testing performed with this update to check that the changes for OpenSSL 1.1.0 hasn't introduced some unexpected problems.

If anyone is using xrdgsiproxy to generate proxies (I guess noone is - but you would never know) - note that with the patch it now produces "RFC" proxies instead of "draft" proxies as before.




  • Released on 2016-11-25:
    • Preview 1.6.0 AppDB info (sl6): ARC 15.03 update 10, frontier-squid 3.5.22-2.1, gfal2 utility 1.4.0, XRootD 4.5.0
    • Preview 2.6.0 AppDB info (CentOS 7): ARC 15.03 update 10, dCache 2.16.18, frontier-squid 3.5.22-2.1, gfal2 utility 1.4.0, XRootD 4.5.0, UI/WN tarball.