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In Verification

  • ARC-CE 15.03.15
  • CREAM 1.16.5

Under Staged Rollout

  • ARGUS 1.7.4 (also know as 1.7.2)

Ready to be Released

  • FTS3 3.6.8 (Centos 7): not installable missing rpm from EPEL
  • cvmfs-config-egi 2.0.1


In Verification

  • cloudkeeper 1.5.0
  • ooi 1.1.2

In Staged Rollout

  • jocci-api 0.2.6 (no early adopters)
  • caso 1.1.1
  • cloud-info-provider 0.8.3

Ready to be released


In verification

  • cloudkeeper 1.5.0
  • cloudkeeper-one 1.2.4
  • cloud-info-provider 0.8.3

In Staged Rollout

  • oneacct 0.4.6
  • rocci-server 1.1.9
  • apel-ssm 2.1.7

rocci-cli 4.3.8

Ready to be released

Report from WLCG MW Officer

We will report about the globus EOL and what is the plan of WLCG, EGI and the other stakeholders concerning that (basically what has been the outcome of the phone conf organized by the EGI Data TCB) during the next WLCG GDB:

Of course we encourage the remote partipation of EGI and Mattias to the meeting.

Updates from Technical Providers





  • Dmlite 0.8.8 has been pushed to EPEL stable today.
  • Tested Xrootd 3.7.0 from EPEL testing, nothing to report.
  • product cards updated with source code links for all CERN products ( FTS, DMC, DPM, Dynafed)

Data management clients



python-paste-script missing dep for FTS-REST on C7 has been pushed to EPEL7-testing


Planning of ARC 5.4.0 has started. We expect a release in about 2 weeks time.

Main purpose of release: (i) Code adaption to OpenSSL 1.1.x specifically for distributions which build OpenSSL without deprecated functions.

(ii) Fix for handling signing_policy files which come with Windows oriented editors.

(iii) Increase in data transfer performance mostly affecting chunked HTTP transfers

(iv) Remove use of Credential objects in DTR, instead using strings for credential attributes. May help with data staging performance

(v) Technology preview of Archery - The next generation Information Index Service for ARC. The Archery client plugin and ldap-monitor will be included in this round. The Archery-manage component will be released in ARC 6.

(vi) Various smaller bugfixes and enhancements.



Update to globus-gridftp-server-control (5.2)

Update has been submitted but not yet pushed to EPEL stable.


xrootd 4.7.0 available in EPEL testing since 2017-09-01.