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|NO GGUS unit, use dwd AT
|for squid-2.7.STABLE9 through end of 2016, for squid-3.5 starting mid 2016
|for squid-2.7.STABLE9 through end of 2016, for squid-3.5 starting mid 2016
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Technology Providers (TP) that release products for UMD provide, for each product:

  • Name of the product
  • Description of the product
  • Capabilities can be one or more among the ones listed here:
  • Technology Provider name
  • Name of the Responsible for the product
  • Contacts for technical discussions
  • Operating Systems available operating systems in UMD4 are CentOS7, SL6, Ubuntu 14.04
  • Preferred release channels, it can be a simple repository, or AppDB or other channels
  • Documentation about the installation and configuration of the product; if no automated verification procedure is provided by the TP, a step-by-step installation and configuration guide must be provided by the TP, that the verification team can use to create the verification procedure
  • Support unit If a GGUS Support Unit is already set, please provide us with the exact name of the SU. Please have a look at for more information on GGUS Support Units and/or on how to create a new one if needed. If a GGUS SU is not available, at least an email address (possibly a team mailing list) should be provided
  • Support calendar for the major releases currently supported (i.e. end of support, end of security support, release cycle description...)
  • Last update of the record itself in the wiki (this is needed to check periodically how fresh the information are)

This page provides details on the UMD4 products. For previous UMD releases, please look at

Product ID cards

UMD4 Products
Name Description Technology Provider Responsible
Contact Operating Systems Release channels Documentation Support unit Support Calendar Last update
dCache dCache provides system for storing and retrieving huge amounts of data DCACHE Patrick Fuhrmann Marina Sahakyan

marina.sahakyan at, Juergen Starek juergen.starek at

CentOS7, SL6 AppDB dCache Support -
Frontier-Squid distributed database caching system CernFrontier Dave Dykstra

dwd at

Dave Dykstra

dwd at

CentOS7, SL6

NO GGUS unit, use dwd AT for squid-2.7.STABLE9 through end of 2016, for squid-3.5 starting mid 2016 -
site BDII site BDII BDII Maria Alandes Pradillo

maria.alandes.pradillo at

Maria Alandes Pradillo

maria.alandes.pradillo at

CentOS7, SL6 Information System Development For the time being, there aren't any plans for a new major release. If bug fixes or security vulnerabilities are discovered, they will be fixed. -