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UMD products

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UMD4 Products
Name Category Description Documentation UMD4/CentOS7 update UMD4/SL6 update
APEL Accounting APEL client and server software for usage accounting.
apel-ssm Accounting Secure STOMP Messenger for sending usage records to the Accounting Repository.
dCache Online storage dCache provides system for storing and retrieving huge amounts of data
dcache-srmclient Online storage dCache provides system for storing and retrieving huge amounts of data. SRM Client part.
HTC The CREAM (Computing Resource Execution And Management) Service is a simple, lightweight service for job management operation at the Computing Element (CE) level.
cream-ge, cream-ge-utils



wn-slurm HTC

Frontier-Squid HTC distributed database caching system

site BDII Information provider site BDII

top BDII Information provider top BDII

ARC HTC Advanced Resource Connector

ARGUS Attribute management ARGUS server
VOMS Attribute management

VOMS-admin Attribute management

StoRM Online storage

gLExec Attribute management User identity switching tool based on grid credentials and shipped man-page
gLExec-wn Attribute management GLExec Worker Node meta-package

XRootD Online storage Extended ROOT file server
QCG-Computing HTC Basic Execution Service (BES)
QCG-Notification HTC WS-Notification Broker implementation
QCG-Broker HTC Resource management and brokering service
Globus default security Data transfer Globus Grid Security Infrastructure (GSI), Globus Common Libraries, Globus Simple CA
Globus GridFTP Data transfer Globus GridFTP, Globus Extensible I/O
Globus GRAM5 HTC Globus Grid Resource Allocation and Management
MyProxy Attribute management MyProxy
Attribute management Common AuthenticatioN Library
Gridsite Attribute management Extract auth information from a certificate in a HTTP session
FTS3 Data transfer low level data movement service,
Online storage
Multi-protocol data access library
Davix Online storage
High performance HTTP access library
DPM Online storage
Disk storage management
Dynafed Online storage
Dynamic HTTP storage federator
Attribute management

wms-utils HTC

lcas-lcmaps-gt4 Attribute management A Globus GSI-AuthZ callout to run (optionally LCAS and) LCMAPS and shipped man-pages
LCMAPS Attribute management Grid (X.509) and VOMS credentials to local account mapping library and shipped man-page
LCMAPS plugins Attribute management Plugins for LCMAPS (see above), various sub-pages and shipped man-pages
LCAS Attribute management Authorization service for grid credentials and shipped man-pages
LCAS plugins Attribute management various plugins for LCAS and shipped man-pages
CVMFS Online storage Software distribution service
WN HTC The metapackage for WN Clients
yaim Other