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(Discussions & Actions)
(Discussions & Actions)
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== Discussions & Actions  ==
== Discussions & Actions  ==
* [[URT:SSLv3|POODLE & Default Disable SSLv. 3 - middlware affected & updated versions]]
* [[URT:Java7|Java 7 - as dependency of released products/components]]
* [[URT:Java7|Java 7 - as dependency of released products/components]]
* [[URT:EPEL7|EPEL 7 - status of support of EPEL 7, together with SL7 or CentOS7]]
* [[URT:EPEL7|EPEL 7 - status of support of EPEL 7, together with SL7 or CentOS7]]

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UMD Release Team - URT

URT is a coordination group, under the EGI SA2 umbrella. The goal of URT is to continue some of the coordination activities carried out by the Europan middleware projects (e.g. EMI and IGE), keep the communications active betweeb product teams and to open a new communication channel between the EGI and the middleware developers.
The ultimate aim of URT is to keep releasing quality software, to be distributed in UMD.


All the product teams contributing with their software to the UMD releases should join the URT. More in general, product team influenced by products released in UMD may be interested in following the URT.
The participation to URT does not require any explicit commitment of the product team to EGI or UMD (e.g. there is no need to have an MoU in place with EGI to particiapte attend the URT), but a reasonable level of cooperation is advisable to make the URT activities effective and beneficial for both PTs and UMD work.

How to join URT

To join URT you need to have an EGI SSO: Create your EGI SSO account, if you don't have one.
Once you have a SSO account send an email to the co-chair Peter Solagna (peter.solagna@egi.eu), asking to be added to the URT group, in the email please specify the product team you are representing, or other reasons to join the group.

Discussions & Actions

Phone meetings

URT members meet every two weeks in a phone meeting: URT meetings agendas