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Baustelle.png This page is under construction.

Unified Middleware Distribution is “the integrated set of software components contributed by Technology Providers and packaged for deployment as productionquality
services in EGI.”

Minimal requirements

  1. Components/products formats & release channels
    • Formats:
      • rpms for SL6 and CentOS7, and debs for Ubuntu 14/16
      • packages should have dependencies on packages provided by the respective OS and EPEL
        (for Fedora/SL family)
      • any other external dependencies should be also provided
    • Provide (regular) info on where to find the packages and their updates
  2. Documentation references
    • installation & configuration guides, release notes
  3. Support calendar
    • Which releases, versions, are going to be released in UMD and their lifetime
  4. Support through GGUS
  5. Early Adopters
    • volunteer sites willing to do the first install/exposure of new versions in a productio environment

Software Provisioning

An overview of the provisioning efforts can be found in the SA2 provisioning metrics spreadsheet. The information is updated daily.

EGI's UMD Provisioning activity governs and executes two main processes:

  1. Software Provisioning Process: That handles software delivery from Technology Providers, Quality Assurance and Reporting.
  2. UMD Release Process: That collects tested Products per Platform and Architecture (PPAs) into UMD Releases.


You can monitor the current status of the software provisioning process using

UMD Repositories

Mirroring of UMD Repositories
  • Please find information on how to mirror UMD repos in MirroringUMD page