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UMDQualityCriteria QC1

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QC Release Notes

These QC documents are already deprecated, check EGI Quality Criteria Dissemination and EGI Quality Criteria Verification pages that contain the latest information.

These release notes describe the first release of the Quality Criteria for UMD software that is expected to be delivered in early February 2011.


The Quality Criteria (QC) can be found in the QC Specification document, there is one document for each type of capability:

  • Generic QC, for all software
  • Security Capabilities QC
  • Information Capabilities QC
  • Storage Capabilities QC
  • Data Capabilities QC
  • Compute Capabilities QC
  • Operations Capabilities QC

Take into account that a software product may cover QC specified in more than one of those documents.

Deprecated QC


Covered Capabilities

From all capabilities identified in version 2 of UMD Roadmap, the following are covered:

Security Capabilities

  • Authentication
  • Attribute Authority (using VOMS as reference implementation)
  • Authorization (using Argus as reference implementation)
  • Credential Management (using MyProxy as reference implementation)

Information Capabilities

  • Information Model
  • Information Discovery

Storage Capabilities

  • File Encryption/Decryption (using Hydra as reference implementation)
  • File Access
  • File Transfer
  • File Transfer Scheduling (using FTS as reference implementation)
  • Storage Management

Data Capabilities

  • Data Access (using OGSA-DAI as reference implementation)
  • Metadata Catalogue (using AMGA and LFC as reference implementations)

Compute Capabilities

  • Job Execution
  • Parallel Job
  • Job Scheduling (using WMS as reference implementation)

Operations Capabilities

  • Monitoring
  • Accounting (using APEL as reference implementation)

Non Covered Capabilities

Several capabilities identified in the UMD Roadmap are still missing the Quality Criteria due to lack of a clear reference implementation or missing requirements from the EGI community. Most of the missing capabilities are introduced in the last UMD roadmap version.

  • Messaging
  • Interactive Job Management
  • Workflow
  • Virtual Machine Management
  • Virtual Machine Image Format
  • Image Distribution
  • Remote Instrumentation
  • Client API

The Quality Criteria Task will continue the process of defining the missing capabilities for the next release of the QC.