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There are no past QC releases.
There are no past QC releases.

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UMD Quality Criteria

All the software included in the Unified Middleware Distribution (UMD) must meet a set of Quality Criteria defined by EGI. The Quality Criteria can be classified into generic criteria, i.e. criteria which sould hold for any component of the UMD, and specific criteria, i.e. criteria valid for a particular component only.

Any Technology Provider (TP) willing to have their software verified by the SA2 team should carefully read them.

QC Documents

The Quality Criteria (QC) is written following the classification of capabilities defined in can the UMD RoadMap, one document for each type of capability. Take into account that a software component may cover QC specified in more than one of those documents.

QC Roadmap

QC definition is a continuous process driven by the requirements of users and operations communities, however the verification of new software releases will be done against fixed releases of the QC documents. At least every 6 months a new major version of the QC will be released, although more frequent releases may occur if necessary.

Each new release of the QC will be announced in this page and the TCB mailing list. Along with the announcement of each release of QC specification, a date for its use in verification will be specified. It is expected that verification will use new releases of the QC within 2 to 4 weeks from the release date.

Each QC release will contain documentation with:

  • major changes introduced in the version.
  • criteria to be deprecated in next release of the QC, if any.

As soon as a major update of the QC is released, the next version will be made available as draft in the DocDB. This draft will allow the TP to plan their testing efforts.

Current QC Specification

Current QC Specification can be found at the QC document in EGI DocDB. Check the release notes.

Future Releases

DocDB link Expected Release Date Expected Verification Date More information
240 10. 02. 2011 10. 02. 2011 release notes
- 01. 08. 2011 15. 08. 2011 -

Past QC releases

There are no past QC releases.