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Computing Capability


Introduction Preparation Computing Storage


UMD Products

Available Products
User Interfaces Compute Elements Storage System Site Information Accounting Authorization Services
UI (EMI) Site frontend to it's local cluster of Worker Nodes. No production sites or less than x jobs processed per h. Site frontend to it's local data storage. No production sites or Storage < x Tb, service available for a few number of VOs and Users. The site information node gathers the site resource information and publishes it to the outside. Local information system for sites with less than 5 services available in production. Accounting services collect compute usage records in the local cluster of Worker Nodes, and publishes a summary of those records into an accounting portal. Sites with less than 2 compute elements, less than x jobs processed per h. Auth. services hold the local policies for users and VO's to access each resource at the site. Sites which supports less than x VOs and x users.
Clients used by many users to access grid resources. Client nodes with more than 10 users. Production sites with more than x jobs processed per h. Service used by a great number of users and VOs. Used storage > x Tb. Big sites in production with more than 5 services available. Global information system publisher. Production sites with more than 2 compute elements and more than x jobs processed per h. Sites in production which support more than x VOs in production.