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Alert.png This article is Deprecated and should no longer be used, but is still available for reasons of reference.

             PPA Version        Capability
egi.umd-release NONE
emi.amga Metadata Catalogue
emi.apel Accounting
emi.arc-ce Job Execution,Parallel Job,Interactive Job Management,Information Model
emi.arc-client Client Tools
emi.arc-core None
emi.arc-gridftp File Access,File Transfer
emi.arc-infosys Information Model,Information Discovery
emi.argus-ees Credential Management
emi.argus Authorization
emi.bdii-core  NONE 
emi.bdii-site. Information Discovery, Information Model
emi.bdii-top Information Discovery, Information Model
emi.cluster Information Model
emi.cream Job Execution, Parallel Job
emi.dcache File Access,File Transfer,Storage Management
emi.dgas Accounting
emi.dpm File Access,File Transfer,Storage Management
emi.extras  NONE 
emi.fts File Transfer Scheduling,File Transfer
emi.glexec_wn  NONE  NONE 
emi.lfc_mysql Metadata Catalogue
emi.lsf-utils  NONE 
emi.mpi Parallel Job
emi.proxyrenewal Credential Management
emi.storm File Access,File Transfer,Storage Management
emi.torque-client  NONE 
emi.torque-server  NONE 
emi.torque-utils  NONE 
emi.trustmanager  NONE 
emi.ui Client Tools
emi.unicore-client Client Tools
emi.unicore-gateway Authentication
emi.unicore-hila Client Tools
emi.unicore-registry Information Discovery
emi.unicore-tsi Parallel Job,File Access,Job Execution
emi.unicore-uvos Attribute Authority
emi.unicore-ws Job Scheduling,Storage Management
emi.unicore-xuudb Attribute Authority
emi.voms_mysql Attribute Authority
emi.voms Attribute Authority
emi.wms Job Scheduling
emi.wn Job Execution
ige.globus-default-security  NONE 
ige.globus-gridftp File Transfer,File Access
ige.globus-myproxy Credential Management
ige.globus-rls Metadata Catalogue