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| NGI_IT  
| NGI_IT  
| egee-bdii.cnaf.infn.it  
| egee-bdii.cnaf.infn.it  
| five instances under dns round robin
| <br>
| <br>

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The following table contains the list of the NGIs' Top-BDIIs. These instances will be used to calculate the monthly NGI's availability reports. Please report mistakes in the liste below to operations@egi.eu, or correct your entry.

  • More NGIs may report the same Top-BDII, if they are sharing the service (e.g. if they have a common Operations Centre).
  • NGIs can report more than one service, if they have set up failover at client side using multiple Top-BDIIs.

Operations Centre Top-BDII host(s) Notes
AsiaPacific bdii.grid.sinica.edu.tw
CERN lcg-bdii.cern.ch
NGI_AEGIS bdii.ipb.ac.rs
NGI_ARMGRID bdii.grid.am
NGI_AT grid-bdii.uibk.ac.at
NGI_BA c15.grid.etfbl.net
NGI_BG bdii.ipp.acad.bg
NGI_BY topbdii.glite.basnet.by
NGI_CH bdii-fzk.gridka.de
NGI_CYGRID bdii101.grid.ucy.ac.cy
NGI_CZ bdii1.egee.cesnet.cz
NGI_DE bdii-fzk.gridka.de

NGI_ES gridii01,ifca.es, bdii.pic.es, topbdii01.ncg.ingrid.pt Spanish sites also point to the Portuguese TopBDII
NGI_FI - No Top-BDII currently in use
NGI_FRANCE cclcgtopbdii01.in2p3.fr,topbdii.grif.fr
NGI_GE s2.ngi.grena.ge
NGI_GRNET bdii.core.hellasgrid.gr
NGI_HR bdii-egee.srce.hr
NGI_HU grid152.kfki.hu
NGI_IE - All sites use the CERN top-bdii
NGI_IL wipp-bdii.weizmann.ac.il
NGI_IT egee-bdii.cnaf.infn.it five instances under dns round robin
NGI_LT bdii.mif.vu.lt
NGI_LV bdii.grid.etf.rtu.lv
NGI_MARGI grid-bdii.ii.edu.mk
NGI_ME bdii.grid.ac.me
NGI_NL kraal.nikhef.nl,bdii03.nikhef.nl,bdii.grid.sara.nl,bdii2.grid.sara.nl
NGI_PL bdii-top.reef.man.poznan.pl, zeus60.cyf-kr.edu.pl, topbdii.polgrid.pl All 3 working under DNS pool bdii.cyf-kr.edu.pl
NGI_PT topbdii01.ncg.ingrid.pt, gridii01,ifca.es, bdii.pic.es Portuguese sites also point to the Spanish TopBDIIs
NGI_RO bdii.grid.ici.ro, bdii.nipne.ro
NGI_SI bdii.sling.si
NGI_SK bdii.ui.savba.sk
NGI_TR bdii.ulakbim.gov.tr
NGI_UA - All sites use the CERN top-bdii
NGI_UK lcgbdii.gridpp.rl.ac.uk
NGI_ZA srvslngrd001.uct.ac.za
ROC_IGALC is.igalc.org
ROC_LA top-bdii.roc-la.org
Russia lcg15.sinp.msu.ru