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Jobs sent to some CE stay in Ready state forever

Full message

$ glite-wms-job-status


Status info for the Job :
Current Status:     Ready
Status Reason:      unavailable
Destination:        some-CE.some-domain:2119/jobmanager-pbs-ops
Submitted:          Fri Mar 27 20:29:24 2009 CET


A gLite WMS job enters the Ready state when the Workload Manager (WM) daemon has matched it to a particular CE. For an LCG-CE or an ARC-CE (NorduGrid) the job is handed to Condor-G, for a CREAM-CE the job is handed to ICE. In either case the job should quickly reach the Scheduled state indicating that the job has actually been submitted to the CE. The Ready state will persist when there are network or configuration problems affecting the CE or possibly the WMS itself. For example, an LCG-CE and the WMS each need the GLOBUS_TCP_PORT_RANGE environment variable correctly defined and firewalls need to allow each service to receive incoming connections in its port range. Otherwise the job may eventually fail with an error that may be explained in the Troubleshooting Guide.