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10 data transfer to the server failed


Usually it means the Globus job manager on the CE cannot call back the WMS/Condor-G (or UI in tests), or the CE cannot be called back itself. This can happen because of firewall or other network problems, or because of an incorrect or absent definition of GLOBUS_TCP_PORT_RANGE on the CE, WMS, Condor-G or UI.

It can also occur when the proxy is not acceptable to LCAS/LCMAPS on the CE, e.g. because it is a plain grid proxy instead of a VOMS proxy (currently the lcg-CE should still accept both), or when the VOMS attributes have expired.

Note: the globus-job-manager-marshal and globus-gass-cache-marshal daemons on the gLite 3.1 lcg-CE will only allow a limited number of requests to run in parallel (each has 5 by default), putting the rest into a queue that can be seen with "ps afuxwww"; if any account with pending requests has a problem (see below), it also can cause jobs for other accounts to fail with this error!


  1. Ensure the CE is up to date, using the latest versions of globus-gma, globus-job-manager-marshal and globus-gass-cache-marshal.
  2. Fix GLOBUS_TCP_PORT_RANGE on CE, WMS, Condor-G or UI as needed and open the firewall(s) correspondingly.
  3. Check if the account to which the DN is mapped has a writable home directory (also check the subdirectories!). A globus-job-run may report this error:
GRAM Job submission failed because cannot access cache files in
~/.globus/.gass_cache, check permissions, quota, and disk space
(error code 76)
  1. Check contents of $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/grid-services/jobmanager-* files.
  2. Check contents of $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/globus-job-manager.conf.
  3. Ensure /etc/grid-security is world-readable (hostkey.pem must be protected).
  4. Ensure outgoing connections are allowed from the CE to the GLOBUS_TCP_PORT_RANGE on WMS/Condor-G (or UI).
  5. Check LCAS/LCMAPS configuration on CE. For all VOMS servers of each supported VO there must either be a file like /etc/grid-security/vomsdir/$voms_server_fqdn.*.pem containing the current host certificate, or (for almost all node types) a file /etc/grid-security/vomsdir/$vo_name/$voms_server_fqdn.lsc containing exactly two lines:
    1. the VOMS server DN
    2. the DN of the issuing CA

    Otherwise there may be LCAS failures reported in /var/log/globus-gatekeeper.log:

LCAS   0:       lcas_plugin_voms-plugin_confirm_authorization_from_x509():
 VOMS Signature error (failure)!
The full host certificates are still needed on the gLite 3.1 WMS and FTS node types.