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Some objects missing in site or top-level BDII


When for some service only some objects are missing in the site BDII or in a particular top-level BDII, the cause may be a violation of the GLUE schema by at least one attribute:

  • the value for some attribute has the wrong type (e.g. string instead of integer)
  • a string contains a non-ASCII character
  • Boolean attributes must be in upper case (TRUE and FALSE)
  • a multi-valued attribute appears with values that only differ in case

An example of the latter:

GlueCEAccessControlBaseRule: VO:foo
GlueCEAccessControlBaseRule: VO:Foo

Note that GLUE 1 is case-insensitive and objects with duplicate attributes are rejected by recent BDII versions that enforce the GLUE schema more strictly. GLUE 2 is case-sensitive.