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= Deployment plans =
= Deployment plans =
* [[Operations tools deployment plans]]
* [[Operations tools deployment plans]]
= EGI-JRA1 IPv6 Readiness =
* [[EGI-JRA1 IPv6 Readiness]]

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The operational tools information page provides links to EGI central operations tools, to documentation and gives an overview of the current NGI deployment plans of local tool instances.

Quick links

Tool Link
Operations portal https://operations-portal.egi.eu/

The old CIC portal

Service Availability Monitoring SAM Instances (Nagios and MyEGI portals)
GOCDB https://goc.egi.eu/
GGUS http://helpdesk.egi.eu/
GridMap http://gridmap.cern.ch/
Accounting portal http://accounting.egi.eu/
Metrics portal http://metrics.egi.eu/
Gstat http://gstat.egi.eu/ and WLCG Gstat
GridView http://gridview.cern.ch/GRIDVIEW/same_index.php
ACE (Availability Calculation Engine) https://grid-monitoring.cern.ch/myegi/sa
Network monitoring Network


Individual operation tools are described in sections below.

Deployment plans

EGI-JRA1 IPv6 Readiness