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== General Information  ==
== General Information  ==
*Status: {{{FCUC_Status | planned, active, completed }}}  
*Status: {{{FCUC_Status | production }}}
*Start Date: {{{FCUC_StartDate | DD/MM/YY }}}  
*Start Date: {{{FCUC_StartDate | DD/MM/YY }}}  
*End Date: {{{FCUC_EndDate | DD/MM/YY}}}
*End Date: {{{FCUC_EndDate | DD/MM/YY}}}
* contact: {{{FCUC_EGIName |}}}
* contact: {{{FCUC_EGIName |}}}
*External contact: {{{FCUC_EXTName | contact@something}}}
*External contact: {{{FCUC_EXTName | contact@something}}}

== Short Description  ==
== Short Description  ==
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== Tasks  ==
== Use Case ==
{{{FCUC_Tasks |  
{{{FCUC_Tasks |  
=====Use case 1=====
Specific description of the Use Cases
Using VMs prepared with Gromacs and some other software to run MD simulations for educational purpose, possibly on multi-core VMs.
These VMs are currently run on the SARA cloud for a computer practical of University courses, see [ here].
=====Use case 2=====
Validating and improving biomolecular NMR structures using VirtualCing (VCing), a Virtual Machine (VM) equipped with a complex suite of ~25 programs.<br/> A presentation of the current deployment at the Dutch National HPC Cloud is available [ here], and recently a paper has been published [ here].<br/> The cloud usage framework is based on a pilot job mechanism making use of the [ ToPoS] tool. Therefore, such a framework would naturally allow for execution of VCing tasks across multiple cloud providers. Do notice that the framework is independent on the cloud access interface: it would work also with simple grid jobs, as far as the user-defined (or VO manager defined) VCing VM is available at the grid site e.g. in a SE (or in the VO software area mounted by the WNs) and the grid job is allowed to start the VM. Technical details about its current implementation are available [ here]. <br/> Furthermore, a live [ demonstration] about the deployment and use of VCing on the WNoDeS testbed of the INFN-CNAF computing centre has been shown at the EGI TF 2012 held in September.<br/>
VCing OS is Ubuntu 11.04 i386, and its image size has been recently shrinked to 8.1 GB in compressed qcow2 kvm format (from a 20 GB raw image).<br/>
1. Here below are the steps carried out to make the VCing image work with the WNoDeS framework for the network and debian/ubuntu:
:* modifying the file /etc/network/interfaces as follows:
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback
auto eth0
allow-hotplug eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp
auto eth1
allow-hotplug eth1
iface eth1 inet dhcp
:* deleting /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules file
:* removing the hostaname in the file /etc/hostname
2. From any machine having the [ Topos library] add the tokens to the Topos server<string to keep private>
$ ./topos createTokensFromLinesInFile <string to keep private> demo_token_list.txt
For testing purpose you can before try with one token by adding manually from the Topos web interface e.g. the following line:
refineEntryNrg 1iy6 9 . . BY_CH23_BY_ENTRY CING 0 auto 0 0 1
3. You can start now as many as possible VCing instances on the federated cloud. Job payloads will be retrieved automatically by the VCing from the Topos server pool until all the tokens are processed.<br/>
4. Output data are copied at the end of the processing from VCing to the NMR server hosted at CMBI:
:* ssh traffic must be allowed from the VCing instance to the NMR server
:* the cloud subnet address must be included in the /etc/firewall.conf of the NMR server
:* a post-processing script does untar the zipped data output and makes it accessible through web e.g. at

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General Information

  • Status: production
  • Start Date: DD/MM/YY
  • End Date: DD/MM/YY
  • contact:
  • External contact: contact@something

Short Description

Short description of the FedCloud Use Case.

Use Case

Specific description of the Use Cases

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