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Technology providers


  • Components: AMGA
  • Homepage:
  • Leader: Soonwook Hwang
    • Contacts: hwang AT,;;
  • GGUS Support unit: AMGA
    • GGUS QoS level: Base
  • Issue tracking:
  • Release schedule:
    • Release Notes:


  • Components: APEL Client, APEL Server
  • Homepage:
  • Leader: Stuart Pullinger
    • Contacts: stuart.pullinge AT;;
  • GGUS Support unit:
  • Issue tracking:
  • Release schedule:
    • Release Notes:

UMD Products ID Cards

Retired software

gLite 3.1 and 3.2 are both retired with the only exception of glite-VOBOX for which only Security Updates are granted until 30/04/2013.

Provider Release Notes/Updates Support calendar Release plan Information
Latest releases Release Schedule gLite3.2 patches under development

EMI 3 Monte Bianco

EMI 2 Matterhorn

EMI-1 Kebnekaise

EMI Support Calendar

EMI Support Policy EMI Release Policy

EMI Incident Handling Policy

Release notes

IGE support calendar (file) Instructions to submit requirement to IGE

IGE Requirements